24 Raceway in Moberly not opening in 2011

December 29, 2010 9 Comments

The rumors were true concerning 24 Raceway in Moberly, Mo. The facility will not be opening in 2011. Ownership is citing the overall downturn in the economy, plus low car and crowd counts in 2010. For more information, see the track release at www.heartlandmotorsports.com.

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  1. just a fan says:

    Stevie do you know who the fastest tire changer at the bullring is? I’d say me but I have to have a rar rar gun 1st.

  2. flyby says:

    Here is a very touchy and unfortunate situation that Stevie post, and you start it out with a comment like that. Come on.

    Sad to hear about Moberly closing down. That track has had a ton of races and I’m sure there is a lot of people down there that aren’t very happy right now. Hopefully they can get it going again some day.

    Here is a little video from Moberly. Nascar All Star Busch Tour in 1990. Some familiar faces for sure.


  3. seighinger says:


    What exactly are you talking about, “a comment like that”? That was simply stating a fact. Of course it’s sad to see a track a close — ANY track. Hopefully, the ownership can regroup and come back string at some point in the future. (And then I can write, “The rumors were true … 24 Raceway is back!”) Have a Happy New Year, flyby!

  4. flyby says:

    Stevie I meant JAF’s comment. Sorry for the confusion

  5. seighinger says:

    fly by,

    oh that’s quite all right … i’m constantly confused by JAF … it’s that blonde thing ..

  6. just a fan says:

    Flyby it’s not like your dog died. It’ll be fine if you really love it then buy it. I love all race tracks but don’t believe in dwelling on the depressing. To each there own

  7. mad mable says:

    hey you guys, quit pickin on them there blonde girls. thats my job to keep em on the straight and narrow.

  8. GMF says:

    lol… You cant hold JAF accountable… She is her own flight risk… It would be fun to see the pit crews go at it, just for bragging rights!

  9. Mike Meyer Jr. says:

    I think its sad that so many tracks in the midwest are having financial problems. Although the ecomomy is partially to blame, you also have to look at the quality of the shows and the management at these tracks. Moberly has been one of the most overpriced, poorly run tracks for over ten years now. I haven’t heard of any of the well run tracks like Knoxville or Eldora having any problems getting fans or drivers to attend their events. I have attended QR for many years now and never saw the Scotts as great track promotors. However, compared to what we have now, I guess I was pretty hard on them. Moberly is a great facility to watch races at & I have hoped for many years that they would get a motivated promotor to make the place live up to its potential. Their closing & the LM cutback at Donnellson can be a positive thing for QR if they seriously try to run the track this year. Although, if they don’t those drivers will simply sit at home like many have chosen to do the past couple of years because of the poor track conditions and lack of motivation by mgmt to have the races whenever possible.

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