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December 25, 2010 28 Comments

Bobby Anders (20) and Jeremy Buss (11B) should both be factors in the 2011 hobby stock championship pursuit.

The following drivers were the top 10 finishers in points in the 2010 hobby stock season. Here’s what I see for each in 2011:

1. Steve Carlin: Carlin, seeking that record fifth track title for this series, will finish first … or second.

2. Bobby Anders: I feel Anders is poised for a monster season and I see him finishing …. second, or first. (The hobby stock title will likely be decided by the driver — meaning Carlin or Anders — who can avoid a costly DQ, DNS or DNF. It’s going to be that close, and I can’t wait for the fun to begin.)

3. Jim Powell: This is the one driver who could make it a three-way scramble for the championship. Jimbo is long overdue for a title and I love No. 48’s passion, but sometimes it gets the best of him. If he can keep both the temperature of his car and temper both in check we could have a mild surprise come championship night.

4. Jeremy Buss: Jeremy established himself as a solid, week-to-week threat in 2010. The next step is to become a bona fide contender. I think this is the year he does that. Before you win a championship, you have to contend for one.

5. Brian Hoener: Brian is part of a group of drivers on the cusp of a breakout season. I think 2011 would be an excellent year to award two trophies, one for the championship race that will likely involve Carlin, Bobby Anders, Powell and Buss, and another for who leads the “best of the rest.” Hoener is where Buss was a year ago at this time and I look for him to make the same kind of progress.

6. Nathan Hayes: All Denny Hamlin Jr. has done since he started racing is get better. Look for that to continue. I think Nathan joins the list of contenders in 2012 if he maintains the same degree of improvement in 2011. 

7. Justin Bartz: Justin has quietly joined that list of potential breakout drivers. I think we’ll see continued development from No. 42, but he needs to show he can regularly finish up front in the features. He registered just two top-five finishes in a main event points run in 2010, the fewest of any of these drivers.

8. Jake Powers: “The Snake” has flashed all the tools to be a track champion except one — consistency. I look for him to take that step in 2011 and become a legitimate title threat by no later than 2012.

9. Tanner Klingele: One of the most promising drivers in any class, Tanner also needs to harness that week-to-week ability to run near the front. No other driver in any series won as many features as Klingele (2), yet finish outside the top five in the final points standings. My gut feeling is Klingele does harness that consistency and finishes fifth or higher in points in 2011.

10. Nathan Anders: Nathan’s brother, Bobby, garnered most of the 2010 headlines when it came to the Anders family, but keep an eye on Nathan in 2011. Nathan’s progress in this series reminds me of how Jared Schlipman developed in the modifieds. Schlipman began dominating the heat races he ran, then eventually figrued out the features. Keep this in mind — Nathan won the second-most hobby stock heat races last season. I’m not sure if 2011 is his breakout year or not, but it’s coming soon.

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  1. boom says:

    hey dirt nathen and bobby are cousins lol

  2. seighinger says:

    brothers, cousins … they’re still family … bwahahahah … i bet they still bought each other a Christmas present … sorry about that, anders family!

  3. just a fan says:

    Is Brian Hoener the 15? Excellent line up Dirt looking forward to an interesting season. I think Carlin is a good driver although I predict he’ll be unseated as king in “11. Anyone wanting to put bets down go to the betting box in front of the scoring tower and lets make this fun. I thought they were brothers too.

  4. seighinger says:


    Brian Hoener is No. “5H” … but I think that’s the car you are thinking of. (Tasers, eh?)

  5. just me says:

    Steve, doesn’t seem like much action right now, how about getting out the old pictures of the different race tracks and drivers again.

  6. seighinger says:

    Just Me,

    I have no more pics! I need some fans to get some more to me … would be perfect for some of these winter days! So-o-o-o …. anyone out there who has some more of the old pics, send them my way!!!

  7. justme says:

    Steve you should have some I gave you of Ducky Vogel at Pittsfield and home

  8. seighinger says:

    Just Me,

    I need A LOT of pics to start that up again. I think I know where a big stash is but I might not be able to get them until closer to spring.

  9. just a fan says:

    Dirt, how did Joe “Boom” Bliven get his nickname?

  10. seighinger says:

    JAF, There are two schools of thought with that question. One involves engines and a lot of smoke. The other involves modifieds and concrete walls. Let’s let Boom himself set the record straight.

  11. seighinger says:


    Regarding your “Boom” question … what might be some good nicknames for other drivers? Let’s open up that up and see what kind of replies we get …

  12. GMF says:

    Robby the monster truckin Reed!

  13. justme says:

    One is real easy, Micheal Long, Mister Smooth

  14. LM Fan1 says:

    Keith “James Dean” Pratt

  15. Mike 77 says:

    mark burgtorff — the master

  16. QR Fan says:

    “Stone Cold” Tony Dunker

  17. PIT PASS says:

    bobby back in black anders

  18. PIT PASS says:

    Michael Long Gone

  19. PIT PASS says:

    Justin Credible Reed

  20. Stock car boy says:

    racin’ jason perry

  21. top row says:


  22. bullringfan says:

    I do think Bobby Anders could win the title if he finds some patience and realizes the race isn’t won on the 1st lap. Heck,he might even find some respect from his fellow drivers since he wouldn’t be hitting every one of them on his way to the front. He has a fast car,if he can match the car with his patience and talent,he would be unstoppable.

  23. boom says:

    in the mid 2000s had a problem with blowing up engines so dave sapp of team 4 gave me the name boom, cause I blew up so many motors

  24. sneak says:

    It will be very intersting to see how the changes in the engine rules will affect the out come of the champion for 2011 . If the tech people can tech the internals of the engine properlly it should be a very close season so lets hope they can see a crankshaft that is not a stock appearing or a lite rotating assembly. RULE READS ( Rods and crankshaft must be steel and stock appearing. OEM or OEM replacement steel crankshaft only, no lightened cranks. OEM or OEM replacement steel rods only. Cap screws allowed. No machinine work done to crank except for balancing. ) So if the crank rod jornals have been drilled on all throws it aint oem replacement so good luck tech men i hope you all can get the job done , jerry

  25. boom says:

    well jerry if i cant tell by looking through the inspection hole then i guess someone is going to have to pull their engine and drop the pan because i will be checking those parts so guys if ur not sure before you drop that engine in ur car give me a call and ill come look if not your taking a chance i know ur a lower paying class but you still gota follow the rules good luck to all in 2011
    Joe Bliven

  26. sneak says:

    Sounds good lets make this class as cheep possible so its not who can spend the most money to win races thats for the upper classes . And maybe we can grow some new racers if they know they dont have to spend 3 to 6 thousand dollars for a engine that can win. jerry

  27. Dave Moore #97 crew says:

    Stevie, You left out Adam Scott. I think he is capable of running in the top 5.

  28. seighinger says:


    I can’t argue with that — in fact, I agree! — but I was just dealing with those drivers who finished in the top 10 a year ago. Adam was 11th. That’s why he wasn’t on that list of drivers.

    — S. Dirt

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