First racing magazine of the season on the stands

December 20, 2010 12 Comments

Jimmie Johnson, right, and crew chief Chad Knaus.

Think racing season is not getting closer by the day? I picked up a copy of Sports Illustrated’s NASCAR Review/Preveiw 2011 at the Quincy Mall Monday night. Here’s the magazine’s picks for next season’s Sprint Cup championship:

1. Jimmie Johnson: That would be six in a row.
2. Kyle Busch: If he harnesses his aggression, he could win 10 races. Their words, not mine.
3. Denny Hamlin: “At 30, his best years are ahead of him.” Hey, at 57, I feel the same way.
4. Carl Edwards: Hopefully, he’ll stop in again at Quincy Raceways.
5. Kevin Harvick: I’ve nenevr understood that “Happy” nickname. Harvick has always been a major pain in the butt.
6. Kasey Kahne: I can’t see him finishing this high, even with the switch to the Red Bull team.
7. Jeff Gordon: Gordon thinks he has at least one more title in him. I’m beginning to doubt it.
8. Tony Stewart: He only had none top-five finishes in 2010. That’s hard to believe.
9. Mark Martin: Check out the comments about whether or not he is a Hall of Famer. I think you’ll find them quite interesting.
10. Matt Kenseth: Like Gordon, I think his best days might be behind him.
11. Joey Logano: Definitely a future champion.
12. Kurt Busch: A dark horse title pick?

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  1. GFTL 34 says:

    Dirt, it would be cool for you to do at top ten for each Quincy class with “one Liners” like above.
    Have a great Holiday Season! Be safe on your way past Toledo……………

  2. just a fan says:

    Did you know kyle busch and kevin harvick are secret members of team4. mooooohahahahaha!

  3. seighinger says:

    GFTL 34,

    Your wish is my command … I was actually working on something like that once the 2010 Countdown has concluded in a couple of days.

  4. GMF says:

    lol love the harness his agression he could win….. That goes for every dirt track racer out there too. Team4 is going nation wide!

  5. bullringfan says:

    I was thinking Harvick and Busch were more like lovers after the little lovers quarrel they got into at the last race this year,couple of mamby pambys if you ask me!! LOL

  6. just a fan says:

    Do see it dirt see it LM are bag in the lead. Mooohahahaha! Take that sis! Looking forward to your one liners for locals, make sure to load the big guns for that one. Woo I just bought a jack anyone need a tire changer.

  7. MLS says:

    I predict 2011 will be the year of the #11. Denny Hamlin will be the man to beat in the Sprint Cup Series and our very own hobby stock Dirt-y Driver of the Year, Nathan Hayes, will step it up a notch and be a contender at QR.

  8. Dave Moore #97 crew says:

    Stevie , It really Pi$$e$ me off when anyone talks about si mag. I been a nascar fan for over 50 years. Back in the day our beloved sport wasn’t good enought to grace there one ball sport pages. Brian France tried to take the sport into the gogo era and the johnny come lately crowd who went to an event instead of a race. It appears that the fad has died. There sure was a lot of empty seats at the nascar races this year. Maybe there isn’t enought of us old line fans to support the racing at this level. If Quincy Raceway fan base was this type of fan, then they will have a hard time filling the stands. One more thing, I wished QR would change there name to QUINCY SPEEDWAY sure does have a more racey ring to it. I better take my geritol and lay down for a while. It ain’t easy being a Stevie Dirt critic and rambling on about somethings that people don’t really give a damn about.

  9. jw says:

    mr. dirt you are too kind. my thought’s about nascar the last year or so have been , no wonder the stands are half full, here is my one liner’s on the top twelvei 1. jimmie johnson; too perfect to be true; 2. kyle busch; can you say, punk?. 3. denny hamlin; sore throat from choking in 2010 chase; 4. carl edwards;on trial for attempted driver impersonation; 5. kevin harvick; dale sr’s rolling over in his grave; 6;kasey kahne; america’s next top model; 7; jeff gordon; honey. bring some more hotdogs out for me to grill; 8; tony stewart; smoke, but no fire; 9; mark martin;2nd fiddle forever;10; matt kenseth; mr excitement. I didn’t know he was still racing; 11;joey logano ; needs more practice on his scooter; 12;kurt busch; not his brother’s, blood relation. now let’s put a pink barrel in turn four and every time there is a yellow make them reverse direction’s like the cruiser’s used to do! no, I’m not driving anywhere till this glue wears off! happy holidays to all!

  10. bullringfan says:

    I agree with you Dave,NASCAR is a joke,a soap opera on wheels. If there were a dirt track race every weekend on TV,you bet I would be watching that instead of NASCAR!! I do actually like the truck series because it is a starter series and the drivers aren’t afraid to mix it up. I don’t care for the Nationwide series because there are too many Sprint cup drivers in it,it needs to be like the trucks,very few if any Sprint cup drivers driving.

  11. seighinger says:


    You rock!

  12. GMF says:

    JW number 6 had me rolling for like 5 minutes!!! Looove it

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