Dominant drivers: No. 2 Abe Huls

January 27, 2011 5 Comments

Abe Huls has a track championship and runner-up points finish over the past two seasons.

Quincy Raceways fans will always be grateful to Abe Huls, one of only three drivers who has been with the stock car series full-time since its inception in 2008. The stock cars have struggled for bodies almost since day one, but Honest Abe could always be found in the pits on most Sunday nights.

And Huls did more than just show up, fashioning three solid seasons, but he was especially impressive the past two. The Carthage driver won the 2009 track championship (on the last week of the season) and then ran second to Terry Houston in 2010. Those accomplishments earned him the No. 2 spot in our countdown of most dominant drivers over the past campaigns.

Word is, however, Huls won’t be running at the Bullring full-time in 2011, and that’s a shame. That would mean both the 2010 champ and runner-up would be opting out of full-time commitments this year. Houston has already said he would not be running for points, although we’re counting on Dave Moore to change his mind about that. If both Huls and Houston follow through with their pledges that means Steve Steinkuhler, Jerry Jansen and Andrew Griffin — the next-highest points finishes — would be cast into the favorite’s role.


2010: 2nd in points
2009: 1st in points
1st in career stock car track points
1st in career stock car driver rankings
Ranks 3rd in highest stock average (4.3) points finish in series’ three-year history
One of three drivers to finish in top 10 in points in each of the series’ first three seasons


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  1. Dave Moore 97 crew says:

    Stevie, Stevie Steive what you trying to do to me man? I already have my wife. Jason Cook, Clean Livin Joe Bliven, and countless others upset with me. All I need is for Terry to think I was trying to talk him into running for points. Only thing I would ever try and talk him out of was if he thinking about running a chevy or dodge motor. Beside that if he gets mad at me, He will want to charge me more for the apprenticeship I have at his race shop.

  2. TEAM4FAN says:


    == SKIPP

  3. Jeff Mueller says:

    I would put aaron and abe as the two i would most likely worry about when i come to quincy, both extremely smooth and if Aaron gets the bad luck out of the way he will finish top 2 in points down there.

  4. stirrin dirt says:

    yea the only time you would come to Quincy Houston wouldnt be running, then you would only have to worry about Hulls and Aaron! And 97 crew, its a ENGINE, not a motor!!!!!!

  5. Dave Moore 97 crew says:

    stirrin dirt hell of a lot you know. do we have GEC OR GMC , ENGINE HOMES OR MOTOR HOMES, ENGTEL OR MOTEL, OUTBOARD ENGINES OR OUTBOARD MOTORS, FORD ENGINE CO. OR FORD MOTOR CO. do I need go on. I think dan webster was wack-o. you need to concentrate on your welding and the biggest one of all lets go ride our HARLEY ENGINECYCLES.

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