Late model points to end Aug. 28, all other classes Sept. 25

January 25, 2011 17 Comments

Get ready for points racing in 2011 through the end of September — except for the late models, that is.

For those who were not at the track banquet Saturday night, track officials announced points racing for modifieds, stock cars, hobby stocks and wild thigns would run through Sept. 25. Late models will end Aug. 28, per IMCA rules. The late models will likely run a series of specials in September.

The extended points season is the longest since the inception of the IMCA era at the track  in 1998. Most years in that period have seen all points racing end on the final Sunday in August, which is traditionally the last night for IMCA late model points.

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  1. Dave Moore #97 crew says:

    Well Stevie, looks like the management is at it again. They extended the points in all class except the late models. This is on the order of the Stockcar $1000.00 to win race last summer. They(management) were going to award points on that night and my argument was that a whole season of point racing could be wiped out if you got in a crash or were taken out by one of the traveling cars. This extension of points until Sept. 25 will in fact open up the LOYAL drivers (weekly racers) to the same pearl as the $1000.00 to win special or any other special that might carry points. My pesonal experience has been that travling cars race dirtier then your weekly racers. For instances, in one of the fall races last year, Jason Cook (27)started on the inside pole and Terry Houston (97)
    on the outside pole. On the start Cook ran Terry up the banking in the first turn and ruined any chance of getting a good finish . What if this had been a points race. There could possible have been a different Stockcar Champion just because of ruff driving from a traveling driver. Maybe just maybe Cook would have been black flagged and sent to the rear if it had been a points race but who wants to bust your butt to show-up every week and have something like this ruin your whole season after working so hard all winter and sprng . If this ruling isn’t recended, I would advise drivers to think a long time about racing for points at QR. Just a footnote, if I had owned Terry’s car, I would have insisted that he take Cook out. But then I’m not the gentleman that Terry is, I’m more like Tony Dunker appears to be. You mess with me and its coming back to you in spades. Please don’t consider this as a BITCH it is more informative as to what you face as a driver and/or team racing for points.

  2. seighinger says:


    Honestly, I understand your thoughts, but I still think it’s a good move. The consensus among the fans seemed to be they wanted an extended season and that’s what I feel the track people tried to accommodate. Taking the season into October is too long, especially if the races are “pointsless,” but extending it through September — and WITH points — seems like a good compromise. The points will keep the top drivers involved and the fans interested. I’m just guessing, but I think the only specials you will see that month will involve the late models or a traveling series (like sprints?) coming in.

    In my opinion, extending the points season the equivalent of four weeks could also help offset the loss of a lot of early weeks in case there is another season of rain — plus, it could help some drivers who might have a DNF along the way. The extra weeks to make up points might afford some guys a “mulligan” they might not otherwise have.

    Also, and I promise this is my last point, even if the 2011 season is run with just 2, 3 or 4 rainouts the total number of weeks raced will be comparable to at least three or four seasons in the early and mid-2000s as far as total number of weeks run. There were several years in the early and mid-2000s when we had extremely dry conditions that there were only two or three postponements the entire season.

    Just my thoughts, li’l buddy.

  3. Dave Moore #97 crew says:

    Stevie, I feel you missed the point I was trying to make. IF TRAVELING CARS come into the series, some of the “mulligan” cars as you call them, might not even make the show or be taken out by the traveling cars . What my point is that the traveling cars will have an effect on how the point racing turns out. It would be fairer for the loyal local racers if the traveling cars were not put in front of them on the starts. This of course would probably keep the traveling cars from coming which is not what management and fans want. I’m trying to show that the loyal regulars might get a big disapointment after putting on the show all summer. I feel that the street stock cars would not be affected as much as the modifieds. I also feel that the Stockcar class will not finish the season at QR due to car count. It looks as if the only class that would be affected is the modifieds, and they are so wild and crazy that they don’t care. So I quess I will forget the whole thing because I don’t have a horse in this race.

  4. seighinger says:

    OK Dave, I gotcha … That could be a legitimate issue, but my gut feeling (and it’s a big gut feeling) is it won’t, no more so than a Sprint Cup race late in the season when you have guys who may only run one or races all year in the lineup.

    Hope you are wrong about the stock cars. I remain optimistic. One of the track guys told me Saturday night he didn’t think there would be a problem maintaining a 12-car average. We’ll probably know more in a couple of months.

  5. just a fan says:

    PETA really frowns on putting a horse on track with cars.
    Stevie heard Mad Mable is getting fitted for her trophy girl uniforms.
    As long as cars show up to race I’m happy but on the up side if it’s August and my driver is still down in points I can still have hope.

  6. boom says:

    my god dave how bout we just hand you guys the track chapionship now so ur not wiping ur tears off all year buck up if you cant race with the big dogs then you dont deserve a championship its racen you always have someone that shows up that doesnt race full ttime it is what makes us better drivers and if qcy cant get more stk cars showing up you wont have to worry bout racen there cause there wont be a stk car class just my 2 cents

  7. Dave Moore #97 crew says:

    boom, Last I heard we’re NOT going to run for a track champship at QR. If you would reread my post, I predict that there won’t be a Stockcar class by the end of the year. Just who in the hell are the big dogs. I hear this quite often big dog this and big dog that. I also said this wasn’t a BITCH post. Maybe we will run B-mod and race against you at QR in 2012. That would be fun. Tell me who the big dogs are so we can avoid racing against them so we’ll find us a big hole in the ground and hide from them when they are in town. Have a nice day.

  8. Dave Moore #97 crew says:

    Hey boom, I’m trying to remember what we called you back when Jeff Cooley was driving my modifieds. I think it was CLEAN LIVIN JOE BLIVEN . I like that better then Boom You were always very competitive and a good clean driver.

  9. boom says:

    works for me bring the sport mods to qcy be like old times had some good races w terry back in the day as far as the big dogs it was just a statement gota be willing to race anyone whether they run n for points or not we had the same thing at lcs guys coming down from up north and locals complaining i say bring m if you good enough it wont matter and if they wreck ya well @#*% happens its raceing

  10. boom says:

    yes it was lol and thanks oh cooly we had some good races together he was a good driver too man those were the days amazing how much has changed i think the sport mods are more technical then the b’s were back then

  11. Jason Cook says:

    I remember the night you are refering to Dave – track was very muddy rough and one groove – I drove into turn one did not see terry in apex and let the car slowly drift off 2 because winner was gonna have to run the high side.. I was just trying to win. I dont think we even made contact and if we did it was slight. In thirteen years of diving race cars that is the first time I have been called “dirty” that I know of so I guess that is pretty good – I will take it. Sounds like by your posts you would like to see 6-8 cars in your class so your odds of winning are better. As far taking me out – Terry can do that if he feels necessary. I will always try to race him and everyone clean as possible but I still have to try to win! Peace.

  12. terry houston says:

    peace back at ya jason,dave’s veiws are not always my thought,but daves free to voice he his thoughts. good to he from ya ,you being an iowa driver, have ya heard of any stockcars plannng on giving quincy a try this year.any word on your late model ride,if so i think you will be a great competitor in a late model as well

  13. Dave Moore 97 crew says:

    JASON, I’m a lot more hot headed than Terry , Terry said you did what you needed to do to win. I don’t think Terry would take any body out on purpose. I will take back my dirty driver remark about you. After all, the track wasn’t very good. Please accept my apology. I thought we had a good chance to win that night and I was disappointed. I don”t think Terry is going to even run for points. It would be very good if we had more cars in the Stockcar class. I just hope QR draws more cars or there won’t be any Stockcar class. What is your take on how they(QR) could attract more Stockcars to QR. I used to own modifieds but I sure do like the stockcar class the best. They
    appear like what is on the highways

  14. Jason Cook says:

    Its OK – one thing I have learned in racing is that there are many points of view. Hope to see quincy get some more cars – I think the biggest problem they had was one groove racetrack on most nights but they worked on that this fall didnt they? My brother and I will probly be making a few visits to race with our stock cars – like the racetrack if you can pass. As far as the late model we are just gonna race at 34 for points but you never know what could happen if we start doing ok. Got some learning to do there.. Good luck to you both on the 2011 season – look forward to racing you some!!!


  15. whatajoke says:

    talk about butt kissing and back pedling u guys suck, most popular driver my butt wont defend a title”chicken”…..dave m starting crap already what about when houston took out mueller in turn 1 ? u dont want out of town cars to race with, why not if there faster so what u got beat by a faster car! i think u just sat at home all winter just thinking of somthing to bitch about!

  16. Dave Moore 97 crew says:

    whatajoke–your post is correct, I done all them things.

  17. terry houston says:


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