Carlin is pick in hobby stocks, but what a war it should be

March 27, 2011 1 Comment

Steve Carlin

(This is the first of a four-part series involving the 2011 Stevie Dirt championship picks for Quincy Raceways. The season opens Sunday, April 3.)

What could be the best start-to-finish points race at the Bullring this season might be in the hobby stock series where Steve Carlin, Bobby Anders and Jim Powell figure to go hammer-and-tong from April through September.

Carlin is trying for a record fifth championship and the first three-peat in hobby stock/bomber history. Both Anders and Powell are chomping at the bit in anticipation of their first title.

Here’s how we see this playing out in the summer of of 2011:


1. Steve Carlin: A fifth track title would not only break the series tie with Eddie Dieker, but make him just one of four drivers in track history to win five or more championships. The others are Mark Burgtorf (14), Hank DeLonjay (13) and Steve  Fraise (9). That fifth title would also bode well if talk about a Quincy Raceways Hall of Fame would ever become a reality.

Why he will win: With four titles, Carlin has been through this before. All four of his championships have been close battles, winning the titles by 13, 9, 11 and 10 points. He’ll be ready for the war.

Why he won’t win: The law of percentages. You can’t win ’emall.

2. Bobby Anders: He’s got a new car and he’s going for the gold. He told me in the offseason he’s also determined to keep his temper in check. He made great strides in that area in 2010 and he vows to worry only about the on-track pursuit of his first track championship. Anders finished second to Carlin a year ago.

3. Jim Powell: Here’s another driver with a new mindset. Jim also admitted his temper got the best of him in the past, probably costing him at least one — and maybe as many as three — track titles. Like Anders, he’ll be unveiling a new car, too.  He was third in 2010 points.

Dark horse: Jake Powers. Never underestimate a hobby stock that carries the “Powers” name. Powers finished eighth last season.

Comeback of the year: Adam Scott. There’s no way he will finish 11th in points again.


Steve Carlin, 543
Bobby Anders, 530
Jim Powell, 488
Jeremy Buss, 483
Brian Hoener, 478


2010: Steve Carlin
2009: Steve Carlin
2008: Aaron Brocksieck
2007: Todd Reichert

2006: Steve Carlin
2005: Eddie Dieker
2004: Eddie Dieker
2003: Steve Carlin
2002: Eddie Dieker
2001: Dave Wietholder
2000: Bill Genenbacher
1999: Eddie Dieker
1998: Bill Genenbacher
1997: Jim Gillenwater
1996: Jim Gillenwater
1995: Virgil Hatfield
1994: Sam Burgtorf
1993: Bob Uppinghouse
1992: Harold Ketchum
1991: Junior Tuggle
1990: Danny Bevill
1989: Jerry Poor
1988: Mike Parsons
1987: Kenny Williams

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  1. Michael Larsen #48 says:

    Looking forward to it being a good freindly competition this year…..but don’t leave the other guys out….i mean we, the 20, the 9 will be hard at it, but so will be jake 0, jeremy 11, nathan 22, nathan 11. I really think your gonna see a 7 way battle all year long….See ya guys Weds if we get to practice!!!!

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