Darin Weisinger’s No. 11 late model

March 28, 2011 6 Comments

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  1. GMF says:

    Now thats something….

    Love how most of your “first” have to do with food there dirt… have the lil lady feed you more

  2. seighinger says:

    and you were the “first” to notice that! must be a blonde thing, eh?

  3. nitetrain says:

    how bout a braut!!!!

  4. nitetrain says:

    Five days ,does that mean I should get busy ?

  5. nitetrain says:

    Nice look Darin!!

  6. bullringfan says:

    I think that pic is the best one so far,it kind of sums up dirt racing. Pull that bad boy out of the barn after the farming is done and let’s go racin!! Not to change the subject,but did anybody watch the episode of dirt knights that was at Moberly? If that wasn’t Doug Mealy announcing that race,I will eat my socks!! (the poll made me think of doug). Long raced,finished 9th,and as luck would have it,never got ANY tv time because he wasn’t in one of the heats the dirt knight drivers were,so tv didn’t cover his heat. But still,how can you finish 9th in a race and the tv cameras didn’t even catch a glimpse of the car?

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