In the stock car series, car counts will be the story

March 28, 2011 9 Comments

Aaron Brocksieck

 (This is the second of a four-part series involving the 2011 Stevie Dirt championship picks for Quincy Raceways. The season begins Sunday, April 3.)

Without question, the most difficult series to handicap is the stock car class. We simply don’t know who is going to run full-time and who is not, which morphs into the real story this season. Will the stock cars draw enough entries to survive?

Track officials seem confident we’ll have a season average in double figures. I’m keeping my fingers crossed about that because I simply have no idea. By my count, I see eight full-timers that I’m pretty confident about, and one of those likely won’t be there opening night. That does not count drivers I have not heard from or know about yet.

My best guess is there will be an average about 10-12 drivers each week, including 2-4 coming from drivers such as defending champ Terry Houston (who is not going to campaign every week, at least at this point) and Jeff Mueller. Mueller and a few other Iowa drivers will probably be there on more of a regular basis in 2011 if they like the “new” track.

We’ll probably have to give this class a month or so to shake out to see who we have — and who we don’t.


1. Aaron Brocksieck: If Brocksieck, who won the 2008 hobby stock championship, can keep that new pink ride on the track he’ll probably be tough to keep out of victory lane. Brocksieck was beset by all sorts of misfortune in 2010 after a promising rookie season the year before. We look for his luck to change, and if that happens he’s guaranteed to be in the title hunt.

Why he’ll win: Brocksieck has had two full years in this series. He’s seen the best of times and the worst of times. I think the pendulum swings back toward the positive this summer.

Why he won’t: More bad luck.

2. Kevin Tomlinson: No. 49’s fate might be decided in the first month of points racing. If Tomlinson gets off to a fast start and can avoid having to play catch-up all season he can win his first track title. Patience is not necessarily one of his strengths, so keep an eye on him in traffic.

3. Steve Steinkuhler: “Scuba Steve” has finished in the top four in points twice in the series’ first three years. What he needs to take the next step is finding the podium a bit more often. He’s won “just” four points features in those three seasons.

Dark horse: Andrew Griffin. I think this is the year he figures out how to win on Sunday nights that are not Mother’s Day. (Both of his main event victories have come on Mom’d Day.)

Comeback of the year: Brocksieck.


Terry Houston, 448
Abe Huls, 436
Steve Steinkuhler, 432
Jerry Jansen, 424
Andrew Griffin, 416


2010: Terry Houston
2009: Abe Huls
2008: Jeff Mueller

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  1. boom says:

    rumor on the the steert is steinkuhler and griffin aren’t racen this year

  2. terry houston says:

    stevie, i expect to be there 99% of the races. there will be a race in june i may not be able to attend,but those plans are pending due to work schedules so there for i wont be contending for points, but then that race could rain out ???!!!!

  3. seighinger says:


    That’s the best news I’ve heard all week. Are you bringing Dave abck for another season, too? And how about Mad Mabel?

  4. terry houston says:

    we always leave mad mabel at home.and for steve stienkuhler, i heard they were puting on new body last weekend if not thinking about it.

  5. Jansen06 says:

    Terry, Is points awarded to driver or car number? I’ll volunteer to drive your car the night your gone. Got to keep them Fords up front. LOL ….. Lets go racin’!!!!! Stay away rain and cold!

  6. GMF says:

    Andrew isnt racing this year…. Doesnt even want to give it a shot…. Needless to say second chances are for everybody…. Some of these boys need to chalk it up to a *bleep* year and try again… Gee if the some fans had the hope/faith as some of these racers the track would never make it… I know its expensive, I know it cost, I know I cant see it through a racers eyes and really know, I just know that I love the sport and we need all the people we can get to make it as great as it once was…. Just really sucks that some people are just giving up…. I’m in til the death and hope to NEVER EVER see that happen… Yes im poutin…

  7. GMF says:

    Yay for Mr Houston!!!!! Sorry got side tracked and forgot to add that at the end of my other post!

  8. seighinger says:

    Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m 99.9999 percent sure points are awarded to the driver, not the car.

  9. JLW says:

    You are correct Driver Points only, you can drive someone else’s car if you follow the right procedures and the driver will still get the points.

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