The best active drivers who have never won a track championship

March 1, 2011 13 Comments

Is this the year Jimbo gets that elusive first track championship?

Each year about this time I like to put out a list of the best active drivers who have never won a track championship, the kind who have collected all sorts of victories and honors — except the big iron.

Here’s my list for 2011:

1. Jim Powell: Jimbo has come close so many times, his turn has to come at some point, doesn’t it? He says he is focused going into 2011 and promises he will not let his temper get the best of him. If he’s able to do that, No. 48 could be the man to beat in the hobby stocks and not necessarily Steve Carlin or Bobby Anders.

2. Jason Perry: Jason is one of those not “if,” but “when” guys. If there were textbook on how to enter a series, pay your dues and work your way up the pecking order, it would have to be written by Perry.

3. Kevin Tomlinson: Tomlinson lost the 2009 stock car title on a final-points night DQ, and don’t think he doesn’t remember that. What was overlooked much of last summer was that he was one of the two best stock car drivers most of the second half of 2010. His key for 2011 will be to avoid digging too deep of a points hole in April and May. If he is in contention down the stretch, this is probably the guy to beat.

4. Keith Pratt: At many tracks, the Kool Kat would likely have already won a championship. He is one of the talented young late model drivers who have been trying to figure out a way to get around Mark Burgtorf, Lonnie Bailey, Jason Frankel and Denny Woodworth in recent years.

5. Steve Steinkuhler: This could be his season. He will probably enter 2011 as the favorite in the stock car series. Plus, he always has a sweet-loking car befitting a champion.

6. Jerry Jansen: Here’s a driver who knows how to points race and always has himself in contention. To break through he needs to claim a few more checkered flags. I think Jerry might be the ultimate dark horse this year. Keep an eye on No. 6.

7. Joey Gower: Is there any driver who has improved more over thepast two seasons? He came that close to winning the title at Burlington last year. Don’t forget his name.

8. Shawn Deeing: He’ll have his hands full winning a modified title against the likes of Michael Long, Steven DeLonjay, Jared Schlipman, Dave Wietholder, Justin Reed, Tony Dunker, Robbie Reed — who have all won a track title in one series or another — and about a half-dozen others, but Shawn gets stronger each year so if there is going to be a surprise in this class it will probably be No. 16. Shawn is arguably the Jason Perry of the mods.

9. Andrew Griffin: No. 25 is another of the youngsters who has paid his dues and ready to take that next step.

10. Bobby Anders: I was not going to include No. 20 on this list because, all things considered, he had run that much until last season and I was using five years of competition as a rough rule of thumb. But we saw what he could do in his first full year and we also saw what he could do with a — shall we say it? — a calmer demeanor. Some improved equipment helped, too.

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  1. Michael Larsen #48 says:

    Hopefully things will change around for the PFR team this year!!!! ( 48j ). Hopefully we will see everyone at the car show!!!!!!

  2. John says:

    Although he’s one of my favorite drivers, you should have stuck with your first instinct with your 10th pick. He definitely had the car to beat in the hobby class last year, but I think all that power under the hood was a little too much for the kid to handle. At least, I assume that’s why he hit so many other cars on the track. Surely he didn’t do that on purpose, right? Either way, I thought it was hilarious. The people who actually cheered for the hobbies didn’t seem as amused, though. Maybe those people should just stay home this year because I hear he’s going to be sponsored by the track owners’ other business, so I’m sure he’ll get away with even more antics. Hahaha. I can’t wait!

  3. bullringfan says:

    John,someday his talent will catch up to his car’s abilities,until then a lot of stuff is going to get torn up,and not just his!! And there is one group of fans that think he can do no wrong,and if you have ever been on the east end of the stands you know exactly what I mean………

  4. Optimus Pime says:

    the 406 his crew was bragging about at the banquet probably helped speed him up too.

  5. team smack ya n the mouth says:

    well hold up here ppl y go bashing on the young pup for? get away with everything bc the track owners on his car? ur full of (bleep) and u shuld choke on chili dog this year at the track…i think if we go back to memphis the orange 93 car did a major part of bashing on cars himself but u ppl didnt see that huh? dont talk (bleep) bc the 20 car is upfront that kid has alot of talent as does the fly swatter and the 48 car… i think u whiney (bleep) spectators or drivers that cant hold these guys (bleep) for them outta just stick ur tail between ur legs and stay at home and get out a pen and pad and write down a game plan and a 406? come on ppl that kid had a bone stock305 in that car most of the season and still took that car to the front so keep ur (bleep) talkn up… have a nice day good luck to u boys this year….

    tata sucka’s

  6. just a fan says:

    Now why would anyone want to insult the beer drinking fans. We’re lovely fun people.

  7. Optimus Prime says:

    I actually was at memphis that night, and I only recall the 93 hitting one car that night. Maybe it was an accedent, maybe not, I wasn’t in the car. From where I was, it looked like he overdrove into the turn. And if I recall correctly, the 20 finished the race, the 93 didn’t. If your gonna take yourself out, probably gonna do a better job of taking out the guy thats been wrecking you and everybody else all season. As for the 406 comment, if you don’t like it, tell his crew to quit saying it to everybody. I’m not saying he had one, I’m repeating what I heard at the banquet. And he didn’t heve a stock 305, I’ve owned moded 305s and 350s (street cars) and they don’t sound or run like that.

  8. qcy fan says:

    optimus prime… believe what you want but ive worked on his car and it was a stock 305.

  9. #93 racefan says:

    Optimus Prime, That is exactly what happened at Memphis. 93 did over drive in the turn. He has tried to tell #20 it was a mistake, but he will not listen. #20 did finish the race 93 did not. He did not mean to hit #20. If you know Adam at all he is not out to take any one out. You people need to let things go. This is a new season lets enjoy racing. Leave the drama at home.

    Anne Scott

  10. craig courty says:

    Most of the drama in this class last year can be laid at the feet of the officials and their rules that get changed week to week they put the drivers and crews in a place where ticky-tak protests and grudge claims can take place (anyone ever wonder why this class always ran at the end of the night last year? couldnt be because people in charge of the lineup knew “action” during or after the race would take place in this class right??) it sounds like they put some more sensible rules in place this year but stay tuned that is always subject to change. The #20 car was the dominant car in this class last year anyone denying that either doesnt live in reality or is biased towards their favorite racer to the extreme. As far as the rough driving comments watch sprint cup, irl or f1 every week theres contact in each one of these series and there supposedly the best drivers in the world its part of the sport if your faster than the guy in front of you and your not getting room to pass you have to make room if you dont like that they have parades down maine street in this town all the time. What would really be good on this blog is if it would be required to put your name down next to your comment like 93racefan did if your gonna get on here and say it why not own it?

  11. TEAM4FAN says:

    YEH …………. WHAT CRAIG SAID !!!!!!!!!!!

    == SKIPP

  12. TEAM4FAN says:



    == SKIPP

  13. race fan 20 says:

    I can’t believe that the racing season hasn’t even started and people are already on here bashing the drivers! I think Bobby Anders deserves a spot on this list! Anytime somebody is winning or doing well, somebody has to find something to bash them about! Just because he is sponsored by businesses owned by the track owners doesn’t mean that they let him get by with anything! I am pretty sure he is not the only car sponsored by them! He was just smart enough to ask! There are a lot of talented drivers at Quincy Raceways and Bobby is definitely one of them! Give him some credit!

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