Best new nicknames: No. 1 ‘King Kong Michael Long’

April 25, 2011 7 Comments

What else can you say? Michael Long has been the 800-pound gorilla in the room for a few years now. “King Kong” is absolutely perfect. Thanks to Travis for that one.

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  1. Travis says:

    My 2 little boys think hes great. He is a good guy. Always talks to us after the races. We go see him in the pits after the races no matter if he wins or gets last.

  2. TEAM4FAN says:

    “we go see him in the pits after the races no matter if he wins or gets last”



    == SKIPP

  3. Get it on says:

    King Kong is already taken by Randy Korte. Can’t we be original?

  4. Swag says:

    Get it on,

    I think there’s more than one baseball player called “Lefty,” or more than one boxer called “Rocky.”

  5. troy grotz says:

    Swag, King kong will always be Randy Korte, but i was thinking bout long gone michael long.

  6. gamemaster says:

    No. king kong will always be king kong. King kong michael long sounds good. Stevie you seem to be talented with the pictures you should make one of king kong beating his chest squaring off against an angry that would make a good shirt

  7. Get it on says:

    Again, can’t we be original? Do we have to have multiple people with the same names just because baseball and boxing do?
    If Michael Long wants to be compared to a ginormous, ugly, hairy ape then I am down with it.
    I am with Troy though, Long Gone Michael Long fits him pretty well.

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