Bullring predictions for the weekend

April 26, 2011 13 Comments

Albert Pujols

The forecast is rather difficult to even begin to try and figure out this far away from the weekend, but the reports at this point of the week do not look promising, do they? With that in mind, here are our weekly predictions for Sunday night at 8000 Broadway:

1. Storm clouds: I’d say our chances of seeing a checkered flag Sunday night are about the same as seeing Albert Pujols in a Cardinals uniform next season. Just not going to happen. I’ve been keeping track of rainouts since 2004 and I don’t believe we’ve had three washouts in a row in that period. I think — the key word is think — the last time that happened was 2001, but I would not bet my restrictor plate on it.

2. Welcome back: But if we do race, I predict we’ll see late model hotshoes Dustin Neese and Ron Elbe. I wonder how long (if ever?) it has been since the first time those guys raced in a season would be in May?

3. In this corner … : Rain or shine, I’m for seeing blog contributor Dave “The Blue Oval” Moore and all of his Chevy buddies wrestle for the manufacturer’s championship in a vat of Jell-O in front of the concession stand.

4. Can we get a hug?: According to pal “flyby” Keith Pratt and Matt Bailey were mixing it up in the feature last Saturday at 34 Raceway in West Burlington, Iowa. Keith says “flyby” is nuts, but I think we need a group hug just to make certain everything is OK.

5. Bottoms up: Some say hobby stocker Steve Carlin’s nickname will always be “Tea Man,” while others seem to like the Randy “Macho Man” Savage thing. I say we have Steve chug a gallon of raspberry Snapple at the start-finish line and tell us which one he prefers.

6. Moving up the charts: I say if there is a rainout, announcer “Pretty Doug” Mealy entertains us with that deep baritone of his, singing the greatest hits of Charlie Rich and the Statler Brothers.

7. Car count: If — there’s that word again, “if” — we run, my prediction for number of late models is 24.

8. Over/Under: If there’s racing, I think because of the two week-layoff there will be a little rustiness getting the cars lined up, etc … so I look for an 8-minute delay. And what does Kenny Pratt think?

9. Sandwich of the week: Whether we race or not, I’m getting a chili dog somewhere. Is Team Four cooking out?

10. Modified cautions: The track will be slick if there’s racing, so I’m shooting high — 13.

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  1. Dave Moore crew #97 says:

    Stevie, I’m all for the wrestling, I’ll bring my son with me, he was state qualifier at 132 lbs. but now he’s about 190 and CAN lift over 350 lbs. There is one thing about the match that I won’t let be changed, thats the JELLO must be FORD OVAL BLUE IN COLOR. No Damn chevy orange.

  2. seighinger says:

    Dave, you could wrestle in “Mopar” jell-o.

  3. Jansen06 says:

    My money is on Dave! With the heart of a blue oval enthusiast, he can take on all bow tie comers….LOL I bet he could take them on five at a time. “Mopar” jell-o! I just lost my appetite for supper. Thanks Stevie.

  4. just a fan says:

    Maid Rite they got rocking chilly dogs. Bunch of dudes wrestling in Jello- I’ll bring gallons of Martini’s and a video cam. Enough with the doom and gloom chance of percerp is 30% or less except for Sat which is 70% and sunday is only 30%. We’re gonna race I believe I believe I believe. We just have to or I’ll just die I know I will I’ll just die, or at least go into a jello decline.

  5. flyby says:

    13 cautions..dang stevie…i hope you arent right..im thinking the 4 car will dnf. i bet they did some crazy things to the hot rod during the april 20th party. couldn’t of been for the better……just messin… good luck boys


  6. terry houston says:

    You guys have forgot about that guy named TINNY from the mopar camp of the 72 late model, willy g.dave your on your own, unless its after the race.after i win i might be up for it!!! hey it all starts some were.

  7. GMF says:

    Come with me to Lee County… you can sample other food! Their chicken strips and ranch are mighty tastey! That and who can beat bud light in a can!!

  8. Marisa Roach says:

    I’m with ya GMF!!

  9. G F T L 34 says:

    assuming we get to race i actually think that we might just get to start on time. i already owe the dirt man dinner/supper what ever we call it in the mid west……….
    i’ll take the over by 5min .


  10. seighinger says:

    GFTL 34,

    Lunch? Dinner? Supper? I thought we had bet a car.

  11. G F T L 34 says:

    dirt, where did flyby comment on 52 and 33 ? i’m not sure they were ever close to each other last saturday night. 33 was up front untill the cold weather and 100% reitive humidity caused his face shield to fog over, then he pulled off the track.?????
    please advise……
    ps: what a way to loose a solid top 3 night……..

  12. seighinger says:

    GFTL 34,

    It all started on the “Quincy Raceways cancels Sunday Night program” blog … not sure if all of the conversation is on there, but that’s where it started …

  13. G F T L 34 says:


    N O R A I N S U N D A Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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