Burgtorf has most lopsided championship wins

April 30, 2011 2 Comments

Mark Burgtorf

For as long as the Bullring has been in existence, it’s surprising there have no more runaway championship races than there have been. Only 10 titles in the track’s first 36 seasons have been decided by more than 70 points.

What comes as no surprise, however, is 14-time late model champ Mark Burgtorf has three of the top eight margins of victory. Thirteen-time track champ Hank DeLonjay has two of the top five, including the most lopsided championship victory of 124 points over runner-up Ron Gough in the 1992 modified competition.

Year, class, drivers
1992, modifieds, Hank DeLonjay def. Ron Gough by 124 points
1987, bombers, Kenny Williams def. Jim Turner by 118 points
2006, late models, Mark Burgtorf def. Denny Woodworth by 117 points
1994, “B” modifieds, Lowell Short def. Mike Bowen by 112 points
1994, “A” modifieds, Hank DeLonjay def. Mike Karthoff by 104 points
1995, late models Mark Burgtorf def. Terry Gallaher by 98 points
1983, late model, Steve Fraise def. Mike Wallace by 98 points
2007, late models, Mark Burgtorf def. Lonnie Bailey by 97 points
1997, “B” modifieds, Greg Uppinghouse def. Bob Dale by 88 points
1997, bombers, Jim Gillenwater def. Bill Genenbacher by 73 points

red year indicates current scoring method was in place

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