If the Bullring stars drove NASCAR … who would they be?

April 27, 2011 6 Comments

Tony Stewart ... Tony Dunker?

If our drivers at the Bullring were part of the NASCAR scene, what Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series stars might they be? Here are a few ideas … (and, yes, I’ll be anxious to hear yours, too):  

Denny Woodworth: Ryan Newman. (Newman, with an engineering degree, is always regarded as the smartest guy in the NASCAR pits. And D.W. is the only lawyer I know of that races at 8000 Broadway.)
Justin Reed: Kevin Harvick. (Justin, like Harvick, is not afraid to apply the chrome horn when needed.)
Bobby Anders: Kyle Busch. (OK, Kyle Busch from a couple of years ago when he was a bit more “Rowdy”.)
Steve Carlin: Jimmy Spenceer. (Spencer no longer races, but can be seen each week on the Speed Channel. I think Jimmy and Steve were separated at birth.)
Tony Dunker: Tony Stewart. (Same black cars. Both have a “4” on the side — I know, Stewart has a “1”, too). Both have the same … ummm, temperaments.)
Michael Long: Jimmie Johnson. (Does this really need any explanation?)
Lonnie Bailey: Mark Martin. (The quiet veteran.)
Steven DeLonjay: Joey Logano. (Both on the fast track to success.)
Justin Jennings, Jake Griffin, James Leffew: Justin Allgaier. (Ditto)
Vance Wilson: Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Both are likable, good ole boys) 

Juan Pablo Montoya ... Jim Powell?

Keith Pratt: Carl Edwards. (Carl does that flip after he wins a race, Keith does that flip between turns one and two.)
Mark Burgtorf: Jeff Gordon. (Gordon became the face of NASCAR in the 1990s and early 2000. Same with Burgtorf at Quincy Raceways during the same period.)
Terry Gallaher: Michael Waltrip. (They both pick and choose what races they want to run at this point in their careers.)
Dave Wietholder: Denny Hamlin. (Similar driving styles, similar outlooks and both come across as soft spoken — until they get behind the wheel.)
Terry Houston: Clint Bowyer. (Both are quiet guys from the country who do nothing but run up front.)
Jim Powell: Juan Pablo Montoya. (Both have been known to have anger issues, and both say they have now turned over a new leaf.)
Jerry Jansen: Kurt Busch. (At the end of most races, both tend to surprise by being found near the top of the leaderboard and points standings.)
Shawn Deering: Matt Kenseth. (Both are quiet, unassuming and don’t command much attention — until they always wind up in the top five.)

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  1. GMF says:

    Sorry mr dirt…. Tony Dunker=Smoke??? Ummm no maybe at the time when he didnt own his own car and what not, when he was a bad boy and enjoyed taunting the fans!! But now NO! Tdunk would have the be Kyle Busch!! Duuuuuh like totally… Now all he needs is a bright green glove and to knwo where flyby sits every Sunday!! 🙂 Keep rocking it mr dirt

  2. FromAbove says:

    gmf the only thing your missing with your statement is that Kyle Busch knows how to win, Tony Dunker not so much

  3. just a fan says:

    Mr Wilson- The intimidator, but with a sensible girlfriend
    Mr Frankel- Lil Dale Jr, Frankelnation
    Mr R Reed- J MaC, Smiling lil blonde boys with talent but some days you’re like wha happen’d (sure its mechanical )
    Mr Lantz- Danica Patrick (enough said)
    Mr. Schlip- Denny, seem nice enough but tempers they have when needed)

    Fingers crossed for Friday 😉

  4. GMF says:

    Watch it sis…. Wyatt is better than her…

  5. bullringfan says:

    Just a fan,I just looked at the lee county speedway website,and they say the track is in good shape,racing is on for tomorrow night. I am feeling sick already,i don’t think there is any way I will be able to work tomorrow night!! LOL

  6. G F T L 34 says:




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