Pratt says enough wins will take care of all things

June 29, 2011 12 Comments

The Kool Kat has a formula for winning his first late model track championship at the Bullring. Actually, the formula is no formula if you listen closely. But the math to that “formula,” he says, will take care of itself.

Keith “The Kool Kat” Pratt won the midseason championship race Wednesday night and now takes aim on the most important goal — well, kind of … — of the season, winning the track title.

“I would rather win 100 races than a track title,” he said. “But if you win enough races, the points and a track championship will take of itself.”

We get it. That track title is important.

Pratt is four points in back of leader Lonnie Bailey, a two-time champ who knows how to play the points game and can handle the pressure of a tight race. Pratt has never been in a bona fide duel for the championship. He’s hoping this is the first year.

“The key in the second half of the season will just be to get some races in, and you have to finish those races,” he said. “The first half of the season has been crazy with all the rainouts. But there’s nothing you can do about it. You just race when you can.”

Only four of 13 scheduled Sunday races were able to be run, plus two makeups.


Late models: Pratt, Joey Gower and Bailey were the top three finishers, dominating the field from start to finish. Pratt led all 30 laps, only the second series driver to go flag to flag and win from the pole. Justin Reed on May 8 was the other. Pratt also turned a 72.651 mph lap during the feature, the second fastest of the season. Bailey had a 73.063 clocking back on June 12.

Pratt was the seventh different feature winner in as many late model main events. He’s also the fifth different midseason champ in as many seasons. Robby Warner, the defending champ, finished a respectable fifth.

Modifieds: Steven DeLonjay’s first midseason title race win in a modified saw him lead all 25 laps and tighten the series points standings. Unofficially, Dave Wietholder (366), Shawn Deering (365), DeLonjay (360) and defending champ Jared Schlipman (340) are all bunched within 26 points of one another. Schlipman, who led the points going in, was reportedly out of state and unable to attend.

Shawn Deering finished second to DeLonjay, the fourth time the Heartbreak Kid has been runner-up in a feature this season.

Stock cars: Aaron Brocksieck took the lead on lap six and stormed to his fifth feature victory in seven shows. Rapidly improving Beau Taylor was runner-up and Kevin Tomlinson third.

Hobby stocks: Wes Mayfield won his first hobby stock feature of the season and his first overall since 2009, also in a hobby. Mayfield, who is on his third motor this year, said he’s “planning on a big second half of the season.” Jake Powers was runner-up and points leader Steve Carlin third.

Wild things: Robert Thompson took the lead on the final lap when William Michel sustained a flat tire coming out of turn two and held on for the win in his first appearance at the track. Kimberly Abbott was second and Austin Uppinghouse third.


Promoter Tony Rhinberger has confirmed that Wednesday will be the new makeup night  for all regular weekly Sunday night shows that get washed out. Wednesday seems to work better for the most drivers.


The second appearance of the season by the Deery Brothers Summer Series tour is Sunday night. In case you have forgotten, Quincy regulars have won the last eight. Matt Bailey was the most recent on April 10. This will be the 26th appearance of the Deery series at 8000 Broadway. Racing starts at 6:30 p.m.


Local fans will get their first look at the sport mods and possibly the car that will be the newest series at the Bullring in 2012. The number of cars that show up for this event will help determine the track officials’ decision in the offseason. An educated guess says somewhere between 10-20 will be on hand.


Late Models
2011: Keith Pratt
2010: Robby Warner
2009: Jason Frankel
2008: Kevin Tomlinson
2007: Terry Gallaher
2006: Mark Burgtorf
2005: Mark Burgtorf
2004: Mark Burgtorf
2003: Mark Burgtorf
2002: Mark Burgtorf
2001: Terry Schlipman
2000: Thad Trump

2011: Steven DeLonjay
2010: Michael Long
2009: Vance Wilson
2008: Robbie Reed
2007: Michael Long
2006: Hank DeLonjay
2005: Hank DeLonjay
2004: Mark Burgtorf
2003: Ryan Meyer
2002: Vance Wilson
2001: Denny Woodworth
2000: Mark Burgtorf
“B” Modifieds
2005: Wyatt Lantz
2004: Tony Dunker
2003: Marty Hull Sr.
2002: Joe Bliven
2001: Kelly Bartz
2000: Joe Bliven

Hobby Stocks
2011: Wes Mayfield
2010: Jeremy Buss
2009: Steve Carlin
2008: Wes Mayfield
2007: Steve Carlin
2006: Steve Carlin
2005: Eddie Dieker
2004: Eddie Dieker
2003: Brent Chapman
2002: Bill Genenbacher
2001: Dave Wietholder
2000: Michael Larsen

Stock Cars
2011: Aaron Brocksieck
2010: Abe Huls
2009: Kevin Tomlinson
2008: Dave Wietholder

Wild Things
2011: Robert Thompson


5 Stars: Keith Pratt, who won that impressive three-way scrum with Joey Gower and Lonnie Bailey in the late model feature.”I was able to hold the low line, there was a little moisture down there,” Pratt said. “If I had (drifted) higher, Joey would have gotten me and passed me.”
4 Stars: Aaron Brocksieck, who made it five stock car feature wins in seven tries.
3 Stars: Wes Mayfield, who has endured a tough season (can you say three engines?), but was the dominant car in the hobby stock feature.
2 Stars: Steven DeLonjay, the modified feature winner who now seems poised to make that long-anticipated title run.
1 Star: Shawn Deering, who now has four second-place finishes in modified features.


Late models: Keith Pratt (1st)
Modifieds: Steven DeLonjay (3rd)
Stock cars: Aaron Brocksieck (5th)
Hobby stocks: Wes Mayfield (1st)
Wild things: Robert Thompson (1st)


Late models: Keith Pratt, 72.561 mph (second fastest of the season)
Modifieds: Steven DeLonjay, 68.779 mph
Stock cars: Aaron Brocksieck, 62.102 mph


Late models: Lonnie Bailey (5ht), Keith Pratt (2nd)
Modifieds: Shawn Deering (3rd), Danny “Ding Dong” Crane (1st)
Stock cars: Beau Taylor (1st)
Hobby stocks: Nathan Hayes (1st), Steve Carlin (5th)
Wild things: Casey Kendrick (1st)


Late models: 11, lowest turnout of season (season average 16.9)
Modifieds: 14 (season average 15.9)
Stock cars: 8 (season average 8.0)
Hobby stocks: 10 (season average 11.7)
Wild things: 6, lowest turnout of season (season average 9.6)


Late models: 0 (season average 2.4)
Modifieds: 8 (season average 7.0)
Stock cars: 0 (season average 1.3)
Hobby stocks: 1 (season average 2.1)
Wild things: 0 (season average 0.3)


Late models
April 3: Jason Perry (started 3rd)
April 10: Matt Bailey (started 4th)
May 8: Justin Reed (started from pole) flag to flag
May 30: Denny Woodworth (started 3rd)
June 7: Joey Gower (started 2nd)
June 12: Lonnie Bailey (started 5th)
June 29: Keith Pratt (started  from pole) flag to flag

April 3: Michael Long (started from pole) flag to flag
April 10: Jared Schlipman (started 5th)
May 8: Michael Long (started 3rd)
May 30: Steven DeLonjay (started 4th)
June 7: Jared Schlipman (started 3rd)
June 12: Steven DeLonjay (started 4th)
June 29: Steven DeLonjay (started from pole) flag to flag

Stock cars
April 3: Aaron Brocksieck (started 4th)
April 10: Aaron Brocksieck (started 5th)
May 8: Aaron Brocksieck (started 5th)
May 30: Kevin Tomlinson (started 8th)
June 7: Aaron Brocksieck (started from pole) flag to flag
June 12: Gabe Harrison (started from pole) flag to flag
June 29: Aaron Brocksieck (started 4th)

Hobby stocks
April 3: Bobby Anders (started 5th)
April 10: Bobby Anders (started from pole) flag to flag
May 8: Bobby Anders (started from pole) flag to flag
May 30: Bobby Anders (started 3rd) flag to flag
June 7: Bobby Anders (started 5th)
June 12: Steve Carlin (started 6th)
June 29: Wes Mayfield (started 2nd)

Wild things
April 3: Chuck Fullenkamp (started 6th)
April 10: Casey Kendrick (started 2nd) flag to flag
May 8: Craig Bangert (started from pole) flag to flag
May 30: William Michel (started 5th)
June 7: Casey Kendrick (started from pole)
flag to flag
June 12: Casey Kendrick (started 4th)
June 29: Robert Thompson (started 5th)

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  1. just a fan says:

    Congrats Mr. Pratt way to keep the Mendon Mafia alive and well. The track crew did a good job getting things race ready. Now no judement here but has anyone seen the highside groove? It seems to be missing and I miss it dearly. If anyone knows where to find it or is hiding it please return it ASAP. I got to do a lugnut, and the tire was still on when I left!

  2. showstopper says:

    Track was smooth, but i agree with jaf. Absolutely NO high groove. If you are fast and start on the pole, you win. Pratt and Delonjay both did. No passing at all. Poor car counts in all classes. 10 late models! Poor fan turn-out and a follow the leader bottom hugger track. Guess a night at the track beats sittin at home, but not so sure anymore? Very disppointing show. Less than 50 total cars, only took 2 hours to run the show with a long intermission. Its truly a shame so many racers from right in quincy wont support their home track, but Im beginning to see why.

  3. GMF says:

    Not everyone could carry a whole mafia by themselves but Pratt had no problems! Way to go Pratt keep it up and start practicing your evil laugh!!

    Not exactly sure who the 78 in the mod is, over heard him say it was only his second time here but he can come back any time!! Talk about high flying!!! He is the only one that I have seen so far this year use the high side and actually get some where!! its like Mark Burgtorf in a modified… Could use some more people like him for sure!!

    Congrats to Nathan Hayes… He has had some bad luck this year, maybe with that heat win his luck will turn around!

    Hey dirt dont count out Deering yet…. I have a feeling the best is yet to come

  4. fraisefan says:

    The 78 is Danny Crane from Columbia, MO. He will drive that car like that all the time.

  5. Karma says:

    Was 21 Pumped? Just asking!!! I didn’t see it. Did anyone else ? Just sayin’ if one is pumped all should be pumped.

  6. GMF says:

    Umm showstopper some of our regulars who are very dedicated to the track were running the Deery Show… Sunday will be kick ass…. Just you wait and see!!! Im excited!!! Yippiee Kiyiya!!

  7. GMF says:

    I like Mr Crane I hope he comes back! He is definately a Modified I could get behind and support! Looks like he could give our home fries a run for their money and I love a good high speed chase!!!

  8. showstopper says:

    GMF. Only one regular is running for deery points. Thats Reed. Everyone else has been run off or refuses to race at QR. Sad but true. Danny Crane is a threat everywhere he races. Past champion at Fulton, Lake Ozark, Moberly, old Capital Speedway. I know in the past he wldn’t run Quincy because of cars getting tore up weekly. I to hope he comes again, but he races Moberly on Sundays. He loves runing up top and letting it all hang out. U cant do that at Quincy and win. NO TOP GROOVE.

  9. shu says:

    There is a high side to the track. 78 figured out it worked well in 1-2 last night but killed him through 3-4. Through 1-2 and then down the backstretch he would gain a lot on the leaders and if he stay low in 3-4 he stayed with them. Eventually he should have been able to get around them on the highside in 1-2 and down the backstretch into 3. But I have to agree for the few nights of racing we’ve been lucky enough to have, it’s been about half in half if the top would work or not. June 12th with the rain and then repacking the track gave an awesome track bottom to top. Any lesson to be learned? How the drivers set up their cars will have an affect on if there is a top groove or not to. If they all set up to run low, then passing will be limited and the show will be like last night. Could the track take the time in intermission to knock the berm off with the grader and back-pack the top in?
    Congrats to Pratt, DeLonjay, Brocksieck, Mayfield and Thompson and to all the drivers who bothered to show up and support QR. Car count is dangerously low and the grandstands are starting to show the effect. And does Shawn Deering have a nickname yet? If not, how about Shawn “Wheels” Deering? for those fancy new wheels he’s got this season. How about a thread where the fans get to give or vote on nicknames for the drivers?

  10. Luvthesmell says:

    We might have a battle of lawyers on the track if Denny Woodworth and Danny Crane are there on the same night. Oh I guess it could be a different Danny Crane.

    Just another thought how many points leaders missed the “Mid Season Championship”, I haven’t seen the points but I know the Mod 42 not there and Anders $, 45 Late Model but not sure if he is in the lead, some races for points some not.

    Could there be a way to possibly run double features to make up some dates and draw a bigger crowd or is it against the rules. Run 2 SC one Sun and 2 LM another Sun. If you get it out you may be suprised on crowd as well as car count. Just a tought!

  11. ?? Who Knew?? says:

    If it is not Tony’s idea it will not happen.. Anders cannot even go watch.. Thrown off of property for 4 weeks.. Tony’s rules……

  12. terry houston says:

    how low does the car count have to get, in the late model class , before they reduce the # of laps like they have for the stockcars, not sayng any more laps wound have done me any good,but that was a long late model race for that few cars

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