Coundown to 2012: No. 2 — Here come the UMP late models

February 22, 2012 7 Comments

The most anticipated on-track news this season is expected to be generated by the new UMP late model division. Here’s why:

1. We will see some big-name drivers dropping by as travelers on any given Sunday night. That’s because Quincy is the lone UMP track in the region racing on Sundays, now that Shepp’s Speedway has closed its doors.

2. The Bullring will also pick up some new weekly regulars. Who they are will be a mystery until the arrive, but the anticipation is tremendously exciting in its own right. There are all sorts of names floating around right now.

Jason Frankel

3. The big-name regional UMP drivers chase national points, not track points. Visitors this year to 8000 Broadway will come from as far south as St. Louis and the Metro East and as far east as the Peoria-Springfield region. IMCA dominates most of the territory to the north, so not many new faces will come from that direction. To the west is a mystery in Missouri. There are UMP drivers scattered across Northeast and Central Missouri, but whether we will see any is impossible to predict. Most of the new rides will come from the south, southeast and east.

Most of the local favorites will be in the pits, making the switch from IMCA. So look for Denny Woodworth, Justin Reed, Joey Gower, Keith Pratt and the rest of the usual suspects. Also look for more of Mark Burgtorf, Jason Frankel and Ricky Frankel.

4. Each week the excitement will grow. This entire season will be a learning experience from all angles. A year from now, with Quincy having established itself as a UMP stronghold, the big question will be, “Why didn’t we do this years ago?”

5. Will we see a record weekly count for late models? Maybe not this year, but I definitely think it’s in the not-too-distant future. The highest weekly average on record (dating back to 1991) is 25 during the 2006 season. Last year the weekly average was 15.

We’re just a little over five weeks away from the first green flag. I don’t know about you, but I’m … uhh … READY! This, friends, is going to be one fun summer.


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  1. just a fan says:

    Curious to see who will emerge as our own track champ, with out- of- townies dropping down to run you figure it’ll probably alter and crazy-up our own points battle. Totally excited for 2012 season to begin.

  2. Dave Moore says:

    You sure are bubbling over with optimism. I for one will miss the Imca big shows. What does the other blogers think? Another beef I have is the way the Hall of Fame members were choosen, although they made good choices. The selection process looks very dictatorial to my way of thinking. In the future changes need to be made. I don’t have the answers as to how it should be done. I know voting on the blog is not the way to go. Hell, Mickey Mouse could be made a hall of famer with voting fraud I seen on this blog. We need to get some good old arguments going on this blog. I feel like I been in Sunday School this winter reading the blog or looking at pictures. The blondes have even been quite. Lets get some controverial verbal exchanges going. My wife hasn’t even call me and idiot for a while. We need some fussion and fightin

  3. seighinger says:


    Loved your comments … here are some of mine:

    1. You will absolutely LOVE the No. 1 Countdown item coming up. (Hint: It involves the Hall of Fame!)

    2. I think you would be an excellent choice to be on Charlie Bryson’s Hall of Fame committee. Like you said, the first year was basically a slam dunk, but I would expect there will be some good debate this year on the second class. Should be exciting.

    3. Maybe you can bring that old car of yours of retirement and run it in the Wild Thing class this year — or let oine of the Blonde Girls drive it? “Just A Fan” is itchin’ to get behind the wheel.

    We need some racin’!!! And, yes, I’m optimistic! I have to be. I’ve been married three times!! Bwahahahahah…..

  4. Charlie Bryson says:

    Dave you don’t know how many times I ask for input on the Hall of Fame, I even set up an email address just for that purpose, maybe you should read a little more and quit complaining about UMP, it blows IMCA completely out of the water.

  5. GMF says:

    Really think Lonnie should jump into a modified…. Whos up for a mooooostache ride!!!( :-{] )

  6. terry houston says:

    Wow, moostache rides? now thats to much info

  7. GMF says:

    Lol Oooo Terry… its a hee hee giggle me joke with that other blonde thing I tend to call my sister… most days 🙂 I realize my moostache man needs work tho thats for sure

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