Countdown to 2012: No. 4 — The next members to join an exclusive club?

February 20, 2012 3 Comments

In the 13 years statistics have been kept at the Bullring, only four drivers have managed to reach the 100-victory mark, but that exclusive club will likely grow by three in 2012.

Denny Woodworth (99), Lonnie Bailey (98) and Steve Carlin (96) look like good bets to reach the century mark, although the last time I talked with Bailey he was uncertain whether or not he could be campaigning a UMP late model. (For anyone who may have missed the big offseason news, Quincy Raceways is now a UMP late model facility, having ended its 14-year affiliation with IMCA.)

Denny Woodworth

The “total” victory figures are wins drivers have had in all classes. For example, in Mark Burgtorf’s case, his 192 wins represent his victories in both a late model and modified.

Some other milestones that will probably be reached this season include:

Steven DeLonjay could become seventh driver to reach 30 feature victories. DeLonjay, who recently turned 20, already has three track titles and 28 feature wins to his credit.

Michael Long needs three heat wins to move past Hank DeLonjay for the all-time lead. Long starts 2012 with 78 victories in heat competition.

Denny Woodworth (46), Dave Wietholder (46) and Lonnie Bailey (44) are all within striking distance to join the 50-win club for heat races. Six drivers have won 50 or more heats since 1999.

— Dashes will return to the late model class this season, and Lonnie Bailey needs one more win to become the second driver to reach 30.

TOP 10 COMBINED VICTORY LEADERS (when including all classes since 1999)
1. Mark Burgtorf, 192
2. Michael Long, 182
3. Hank DeLonjay, 138
4. Tony Dunker, 102
5. Denny Woodworth, 99
6. Lonnie Bailey, 98
7. Steve Carlin, 96
8. Eddie Dieker, 91
9. Dave Wietholder, 83
10. Wyatt Lantz, 77

TOP 10 FEATURE VICTORY LEADERS (when including all classes since 1999)
1. Mark Burgtorf, 86
2. Michael Long, 71
3. Hank DeLonjay, 42
4. Eddie Dieker, 39
5. Steve Carlin, 32
6. Vance Wilson, 31
7. Steven DeLonjay, 28
8. Denny Woodworth, 26
9-tie. Wyatt Lantz, 24
9-tie. Adam Birck, 24

TOP 10 HEAT VICTORY LEADERS (when including all classes since 1999)
1. Hank DeLonjay, 80
2. Michael Long, 78
3. Mark Burgtorf, 72
4. Tony Dunker, 68
5. Steve Carlin, 61
6. Eddie Dieker, 51
7-tie. Denny Woodworth, 46
7-tie. Dave Wietholder, 46
9. Lonnie Bailey, 44
10. Bill Genenbacher, 40

TOP 10 DASH VICTORY LEADERS (when including all classes since 1999)
1. Mark Burgtorf, 32
2. Lonnie Bailey, 29
3. Michael Long, 28
4. Denny Woodworth, 25
5. Tony Dunker, 19
6-tie. Vance Wilson, 17
6-tie. Brent Slocum, 17
8. Hank DeLonjay, 16
9. Dave Wietholder, 13
10. Justin Reed, 12

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    Dont think Lonnie is going to be racing with us this year, he said something about not being able to do the whole UMP thing this year. I asked him to change his mind but even my persusaion can only go so far! If its true it will be really weird not to see the 25 LM out there every week!

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