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February 29, 2012 15 Comments

Jake Powers

This could be a big season for Jake “The Snake” Powers, son of legendary hobby stock/bomber car builder Jerry Powers of Plainville. The twentysomething Jake Powers has firmly entrenched himself as a bona fide championship threat in the division his dad helped make famous by building cars for the likes of Steve Carlin, Eddie Dieker and others.

Jake’s recent success suggests he will be a force in the series for years to come, and if the last three seasons are any indication he will crack the division’s all-time top 10 drivers in (probably) 2013. The younger Powers, who was second in points in 2011, eighth in 2010 and fourth in 2009, is already ranked No. 4 in the series since 2007 when the bombers became known as hobby stocks. It also appears Powers will be a fixture in the series for years to come, which will help him climb the rankings ladder.

Drivers receive ranking points on a 15-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale for their position in the final top 10 points standing each season. Powers currently has 20 career ranking points. He’s 16 points out of the all-time top 10.

When the hobby stock/bombers debuted in 1987, the class was designed to be a launching pad to other series, but many of the drivers who started in the series stayed there. The same has held true throughout the years. Most who start out there wind up remaining, partly because of budget. No racing class is cheap these days, but the hobbies are the most affordable of any of the weekly series at the track, outside of the introductory wild things.

The stability of the series has always been one of its strengths. Most years, we always know who is going to be showing up. Some of the most devoted fan bases are also in the hobbies, mainly because of that stability.

When Carlin won his fifth track championship in 2011, he moved into the series’ No. 1 ranking, finally surpassing former teammate Dieker. And Carlin won’t be losing that spot anytime soon. The closest active driver in the rankings is Jim Powell at No. 7 with 46 points.

Carlin also has a big lead in the rankings for the period since 2007 when the series became known as hobby stocks. He is No. 1 with 63 points and Powell No. 2 with 32.


Drivers receive ranking points on a 15-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale for their position in the final top 10 points standing each season. Ties broken by number of second-place points finishes, top five points finishes, top 10 points finishes

Active drivers in 2011 in blue
1. Steve Carlin, 108 points (5 titles)
2. Eddie Dieker, 101 (4 titles)
3. Bill Genenbacher, 74 (2 titles)
4. Bob Uppinghouse, 57 (1 title)
5. Harold Ketchum, 57 (1 title)
6. Junior Tuggle, 56 (1 title)
7. Jim Powell, 46
8. Adam Birck, 37
9. Dale Hatfield, 36
10. Bruce Hatfield, 36

Other drivers active in 2011 (minimum 10 points)
Wes Mayfield, 22
Jake Powers, 20
Bobby Anders, 18
Jeremy Buss, 14
Nathan Hayes, 11

HOBBY STOCK DRIVER RANKINGS SINCE 2007 (when series changed name from bombers)

Active drivers in 2011 in blue
1. Steve Carlin, 63 points (3 titles)
2. Jim Powell, 32
3. Aaron Brocksieck, 22 (1 title)
4. Jake Powers, 20
5. Bobby Anders, 18
6. Mike Wiley, 16
7. Todd Reichert, 15 (1 title)
8. Jeremy Buss, 14
9, Wes Mayfield, 13
10. Nathan Hayes, 11

Other active drivers in 2011 (minimum 5 points)
Tanner Klingele, 9
Nathan Anders, 9
Adam Scott, 7
Justin Bartz, 7
Brandon Symmonds, 6

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  1. Fordracer 06 says:

    I do believe Jake is ready to get that championship. He was running real good at the end of last year. If that continues, he will be hard to beat. The only thing that would make him unstopable would be if he had Ford power instead of that “wheres a good wrench when you need it stuff”. LOL

  2. Jake The Snake says:

    Ehh i dont know about the ford part. It’d have to be built ford tough with all chevy stuff. hahahahaha

  3. andrew bauer says:

    but if he really wanted something he would build a mopar! i seem to remember jake driving a ford a couple of times. and if i recall he drug a chevy all over the track with 2 flat tires!

  4. Charlie Bryson says:

    Just to pass along some information. after posting that the was open for nominations, only one has came thru.

  5. Charlie Bryson says:

    Sorry, should have been

  6. terry houston says:

    F irst
    O n
    R ace
    D ay

  7. just me says:

    F. found
    O. on
    R. reservation
    D. dump

    F. found
    O. old
    R. rebuilt
    D. Dodge

    should I go on?

  8. Tireman says:

    F. FAST
    o. ON
    D. DIRT

  9. Jake The Snake says:

    F found
    O on
    R road
    D dead

  10. terry houston says:

    i was waitng on the road one, thats why we race on a track and not a road

  11. Jake The Snake says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! i set Terry up. Dang me.

  12. Xlr8r says:

    F Found
    O on
    R Racetrack
    D Dead

  13. just me says:

    just one more

    F Factory
    O Outlet
    R Really
    D Discounted

  14. just me says:

    Fastest way to put an extra 100hp into a Ford, Micheal Long behind the steering wheel.

    Nuff said.

  15. Jake The Snake says:

    (just me) Micheal is a badass! No arguing that!

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