First green flag right around the corner

March 29, 2012 6 Comments

A glimpse at Tuesday night’s practice … just enough to get you ready for Sunday’s first green flag.

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  1. flyby says:

    We’re about to see the most exciting season of racing ever at the bullring. Hang on to your corn dogs girls. My picks for opening night. I might be picking drivers who dont show up so i better have an alternate. We will be seeing a lot of the same winners we seen last year but the wins wont be coming easy.

    Late models….Mark Burgtorf. alternate….Jason Perry

    Modifieds….Michael Long alternate not needed

    Sportmods….Jim Gillenwater. alternate Chris Larson

    Stock Cars….. this is the hardest pick…Abe Huls

    Hobby Stocks…Jake Powers

    4 bangers… Kim Abbot

    Team 4 or is it 3…. will have some mechanical issues in one or both cars so lets give them a few weeks to get things straightened out. They might pick up a win this year. Imagine the party.

  2. Just me Too says:

    Just a thought but I think the Frankel’s will bring some competition too.

  3. JoeRacefan says:

    I guess I’ll throw in my predictions also.

    Late Models- Lierly

    A mods- Long if he shows or Dave Wiethholder

    Stock cars- Abe Huls

    B mods- Gillenwater

    Hobby stocks-Nathan Hays

    Wild things- Kimberly Abbot

  4. just a fan says:

    Oh oh oh I wanna play too.
    Um LM- an outta townie I don’t till one of our homefries slingshot past em in turn 3 for the checkers. Woohoo!!
    Mods- I’m thinking possibly Delonjay, but he’ll have to fight that Mafia Guy schlippman for it. Are you sure Long is running mods this year? Could someone please inform me if he’s doing that and LM cause that’s a game changer.
    Sportmods- I’m picking team Illinois all the way baby not Iowa!
    Brocksiek Houston class – I pick one of them holding off that nice man Mr Hulls.
    That other class – Jake the snake
    4 bangers – well I don’t know who drives in it other than Mrs Abbott but she looked real good in practice so I pick her.

    You can bring my tall ones to me behind the flagstaff I’ll be collecting all night. Please & Thank you. Woohoo c-ya all Sunday!



  6. bullringfan says:

    who is “Mr. stock car”? Mueller?

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