Weather wins again, Sunday night racing postponed

April 22, 2012 20 Comments

The wet weather has won again. Quincy Raceways officials were forced to pull the plug on Sunday night’s scheduled Northern Allstars Late Model Series show for the second straight week. The unexpected weekend rain made both the track and pits unusable, especially with the continuing damp conditions.

No makeup date has yet been set.


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  1. Racefan27 says:

    Maybe they should work on the track more than one day a week!? Then maybe all they would of had to do is work the track in today. Which means they could have also spent most of the time today on fixing the freaking pits which has canceled more races in the last 2 years than ever before! Maybe the owners should spend alittle money on the track and pits! Oh I forgot they don’t have any!

  2. just a fan says:

    Are we ever gonna race again???????? This is highly depressing. Why does B Sheppard drive a different car on Sundays then for the Nothern Allstars? Wouldn’t the power be the same like both UMP?

  3. Joe Boom says:

    welli wasnt gunna post but people just dont have a clue a radcetrackis a buisness just like a movie theater or a club yes its entertainment but its a buiesness there to provide entertainment but more importantly to make money even if they could workthe mud away think about the cost workers gas for vehicles wear and tear same thing us races complain about to race now it was a special higher purse now its only pose to be in the 30s or 40s so now you will lose fans so ur telling me that they should run even if it meant loosing money come on think people and i was out there there is no way the pits and track could have been ready to put on a safe and quality show not with the cool temps i mean i read they got 1.5 inches last night thats alot and racefan 27 track was preped all it needed was watered today this is my opinion and is not qrw opinion btw no puctuation again dirt rof

  4. Cory Walton says:

    Hey Steve, I think it’s time to get spell check for comments!

  5. Racefan27 says:

    They dont even make an effort have the time. If they hear about a rainy weekend on monday they are already planning on canceling. Been to ALOT of racetracks in the area and other states and there promotors will do almost anything to run! So the track was okay but the pits canceled another show. Geez sounds to me like they should probably get that fix! Although thats not the best excuse that would go to the night could race cause we couldnt get the water truck to work. I understand what your sayin joe but all the excuses are gettin kinda old. Do you think racefans would rather have a promotor who works to provide them entertainment or one who uses the same excuse all the time. Alot of fans probably would of came out tonight since last week was a wash. But what do I know cause there are certain people on here who know everything.

  6. GMF says:

    Hi…… I’m GMF… *hi gmf* its been 14 days since my last fix and I’m struggling! I have had delusions of hearing motors reving outside my Windows, thinking I was on turn four go for the lead when heading to my moms, throwing dirt in my beer, and jumping up and cheering like I just don’t care….. I’m not quite sure how much more I can take before I break. Life hasn’t been the same without my fix….. what’s a girl got to do to get down and dirty!

    Think we should start back up the countdown clock but have it keep track of how many days its been….. some days living in the Midwest just sucks! Til *fingercrossed* next Sunday

  7. showstopper says:

    Wonder if the owners have thought about having someone look at the pits and maybe come up with a design for a better drainage system? If QR ever wants to be an elite dirt track like I-55, Tri-City, etc, they need to spend money to make money. Those two tracks have upgrades every year. Thats why they get national attention and big shows. Does Dunker Concrete also do dirtwork? If not I’m sure a local company may do it in exchange for some track sponsorship. What started off to look like a promising year is now being plagued by the same old excuses.

  8. leadfoot says:

    I think it’s funny everybody is an expert on how to run a race track now? If I read everything right there were no races in the area all weekend and it wasn’t just because of the rain. I think we all got spoiled with the warm weather and just assume we should race everyday. It’s April and how many races do we usally get in, in the month of April. Just wait until June and everybody will be complaning about it being too hot and they need to put a dome over the track so it can stay cool out there.

  9. rick sager says:

    well, well, first off it only rained for 12 hours straight come on.and they have made some big improvement to the track. why do you think the track is smooth every next time you see joe boom,boomer.paul a thank you would go a long way.and to just a fan question am sure sheppard races his roush-fenway engine with the big boys and i think he has about 5 cars

  10. mendon fan says:

    hey racefan27, the common sense store called and said your order has arrived.

  11. showstopper says:

    Leadfoot, races in the area were held in sedalia, mo and farmer city, il fri. night. 34 raceways and I-55 sat. night. I’m not saying the show shouldn’t have been called. Just offfering an opinion that the pit situation should be addressed. Come on Dunker, just concrete the whole pits. Tony will win every sport-mod feature and with that prize money it should cover your expenses!

  12. leadfoot says:

    If somebody wanted to donate money or just pay and have concrete or asphalt put in I don’t think Paul or Bob would turn it down. So all you people that don’t think they work the track why don’t you just go out there one day when they are and see how hard it is keeping the track up and running. As a racer and a fan yes it was disappointing but I think they made the right choice and canceled them last night. Yes all the workers at the track are doing a good job and THANK YOU for a good facility to come and race and be a spectator at.

  13. rizzle says:

    simply amazing……..I cant believe people are complaining about the cancellation of the races, you kidding was a freaking mud hole and even if they would of got the pits right the track would of been so rough you couldnt race on it,remember the first night of practice……that much moisture under ground would of came right back up and rutted the entire track good call QR. Good call!!!

  14. just me says:

    Steve I think you have a new top three of the week, only make it the stupid remarks, hell Racefan27 would win all 3 medals in one week. Like always if he doesn’t like it take his commenting a&s to a different racetrack.

  15. just a fan says:

    Who’s Boomer?? And Paul is the blonde beer pourer right?

  16. Jason P. says:

    I wish racefan27 would take the 27 off his or her name with them comments!!!! Just sayin

  17. Racefan27 says:

    Why is it that I’m not the only one talking about the lame excuses but I’m the only dumb one? Out of all the stupid (crap) talked about on here I get crap for being a racefan. Dunker and flyby spend half the time talking useless smack to eachother. I’m starting to think they are actually friends just trying to stir up crap. And Jason P. I think your a great racer but the 27 doesn’t have anything to do with you. And let’s face it you will probably get (mad) and stop racing at QR at some point this year. What’s the last improvement QR made?

    The 27 is just a random number I picked!

  18. rick sager says:

    well racefan 27 looks like you are full of ideal’s. maybe you should buy the track and see what you can do better.because the track and improvements are lot better this year then it has been

  19. flyby says:



  20. Fordracer06 says:

    I usually try to stay out of fights that I don’t have a dog in, but I’m goin’ to give my two cents. The track made a good call and I think they will do the same in the future. The reason why I think this is that has anyone noticed the size of the haulers that the traveling late model guys use. These trucks look like something that nascar teams use. These trucks probably shouldn’t leave interstate grade pavement let alone be off road on dirt. Now lets try to drive these things of that weight on soft or muddy ground. Not a good plan. Worse case; lay one on it side. With the late model class that QR has now, there is alot more dollars involved including car haulers. This isn’t your 4×4 with open trailer class anymore.

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