Bullring regular Moon Man No. 1 in UMP points

May 24, 2012 20 Comments

Super Late Model driver Jim Moon, who currently sits eighth in points at Quincy, is first in the latest UMP national standings.

Moon, Kevin Weaver and Dewayne Kiefer (who was in Quincy earlier this month) make up the top three in the UMP list.

Moon, 40, who hails from Mount Auburn, Ill., races three nights a week at Macon, Belle Clair and Quincy. He’s in the top five in points at both Belle Clair and Macon. Moon said he will be attempting to race as many of the UMP Summernationals events as he can, starting in mid-June. The Hell Tour comes to Quincy on July 6.

Drivers in bold face have run in Quincy this season

1. Jim Moon, 1002 points
2. Kevin Weaver, 992
3. Dewayne Kiefer, 981
4. Scott Schmitt, 955
5. Brandon Sheppard, 926
6. Bobby Pierce, 918
7. Michael Kloos, 863
8. Ryan Unzicker, 817
9. Jason McBride, 801
10. Chris Shelton, 720

Justin Reed



Pick to click: Until he demonstrates otherwise, or someone else steps up, it’s all-Dustin Griffin, all the time.

Best comeback bet: Matt Bailey’s due to get that spec motor back near the front.

Noteworthy: Justin Reed has finished in the top five in track points for five straight years. No other driver has an active streak of more than two. How does Reed’s streak rank in track history? Well, he’s got a ways to go to catch the all-time leader of consecutive top-five streaks. Terry Gallaher finished in the top five in points 21 straight years, a streak that was snapped in 2001.


Pick to click: Michael? Dave? Steven? Jared? I’m going with Michael Long this week to win his 73rd modified feature at the Bullring.

Best comeback bet: Jake Griffin, who is normally a picture of consistency, was forced from last week’s feature after 17 laps. He should be back in — or near — the top five.

Noteworthy: In the four Sunday nights Robbie Reed has raced, his lowest finish is last week’s fifth. He also has a first and two thirds to his credit.


Pick to click: Vance Wilson. He finished second his first night in the car last week. Give him a week to fine tune things and I think we’ll be giving him a checkered flag Sunday night.

Vance Wilson

Best comeback bet: Jim Gillenwater should be back in the pits in this week. He’ll be going for a third straight feature with an asterisk.

Noteworthy: Tony Dunker has more overall track points than any other driver since we started monitoring that category in 1998. Dunker has 8,734 points going into Sunday night.


Pick to click: Abe Huls has been doing a pretty good Dustin Griffin impersonation in this series. Until someone knocks off Honest Abe, he’s my pick.

Best comeback bet: Terry Houston, who finished an uncharacteristic fourth a week ago.

Noteworthy: At some point this season, Houston will become the second driver in series history to win $10,000. He needs $725 to reach the figure.  Huls is the division’s all-time check-casher with $11,790.


Pick to click: Jake Powers looks untouchable right now.

Best comeback bet: Jeremy Buss should be back on track — literally — come Sunday evening.

Noteworthy: Since the class was renamed hobby stocks for the 2007 season, only six drivers have won 10 or more races: Steve Carlin (33), Bobby Anders (28), Jim Powell (15), James Lefffew (13), Powers (12) and Aaron Brocksieck (10).


Pick to click: Kim Abbott, who was third May 13 and second May 20, will finish fist on May 27.

Best comeback bet: Mike Hornung Jr., who had to bow out after nine laps a week ago.

Noteworthy: There have been five different feature winners in this class in five weeks.

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  1. Joe Boom says:

    well if my sources are right we wont be seeing much of gillenwater at qrw the rest of the year

  2. Ron Scott says:

    Steve thanks for the Gold medal last week.

    But Was hoping we could awarded QR a Gold Metal for track preparation.
    Can only rate as a Bronze metal performance.

    The track was good thru the heats but went away during the late model Dash. And for the features was the familiar dry slick ONE Grove Follow the Leader rack track. And that caused some of the on track excitement, since all were fighting for the ONE Grove

    Late models feature Laps were 1 MPH slower that the week before in the feature
    Dustin Griffin, 64.990. (Last week’s fast lap: Dustin Griffin, 66.088 mph)

    Were any laps during the heat races faster when the track was in better condition?

    If only the track had been Watered and Worked at intermission time.
    The feature racing would have been much better.

    The choice was made to go to UMP late models, so the track preparation MUST be stepped up to keep up with these higher powered cars so they can actually use that power rather than just burn the tires off.

    Management should visit Jacksonville and / or Granite city and see what they do to keep the track in shape all night long.

    The Hell tour is coming and they need a first class track to race on.
    Can QR meet the challenge and do better at track preparation?
    The dry weather from mother nature adds to the challenge.
    How many laps will the water truck make during the races this week?

  3. Dave Moore says:

    Here in the Ford camp were thinking we will run 1-2 in no certain order. What were you doing during the stockcar feature, probably getting something to eat. Terry went for the win on the outside and just about pulled it off. Had a little run in with the 30 car and I ain’t blaming him(30) so cool your jets. It you got any pull with the track, see if you can get the sportmods and stockcar fast laps.

  4. GMF says:

    So with the big show this weekend I’m a little nervous to see how Sunday looks and yet strangely excited because maybe we will get some new people wanting to chance their luck with us! I don’t know what we have to do to get some banking back for my favorite high flyers but maybe the tower gods will know?? Just want em to realize we got a good thing and not let them go. Surely my basement isn’t big enough to hold all of them 😉 see ya Sunday!

  5. Joe Boom says:

    you can tell who is the “local racer” let me tell ya the hell tour race we had when jeep set fast time about 2/3 s of the field said the track was too fast yes u heard me too fast the traveling guys want it to be dry slick so it seperates the drivers from the wanabes ill give ya its hard to run up top but it can be done long was up there sundayin the late model dunker runs up there in the sportmods and trust me management is trying to keep the track tackier longer but its not as simple as more water

  6. steve says:

    Terry sure did go for the win on the outside…….however he wasnt as fast as Abe so he thought he would just turn down into the Abe…im very surpised they didnt wreck or at least cut a tire down or something…i was sitting in the stands and seen this cleary happen across the track on the backstrecth why the officials didnt warn him or anything i dont know. I was always a 97 fan but not after that…that was just wrong must be mad that theres a chevy out there with more power than that big ford..

  7. showstopper says:

    I didnt go to QR last week because of the track prep. Sounds like from Ron that it is maybe somewhat improving?? Went to I-55 in pevely and all night long they worked and watered the track. Even beween heats a quick sprinkle. Didn’t waste but maybe 2-3 minutes and at intermission they worked the track full 15 minutes. Features were amazing with 2 and 3 wide racing. Really wish Quincy can get this figured out!

  8. GMF says:

    What exactly got gillenwaters panties in a wad this time??? That whole points thing??? Jeeze some of you boys… and I though teenage girls were bad *sigh*

  9. bullringfan says:

    Would it still be possible for Gillenwater to win the championship if he raced the rest of the season? I know it’s possible with the UMP points system,but not sure about the IMCA system. Hell from the looks of things,he would win every week all he has to do is show up.

  10. seighinger says:


    good question … my opinion would be no, assuming the top cars in question remain there … but with more than 3 1/2 months left it’s kind of hard to make a prediction…. that was always my one complaint with IMCA — the scoring … even if tony dunker would run away and hide with the points race, there’s no shame in finishing second and he’s certainly in the mix there … hopefully, No. 10 will change his mind and be back … kind of a shame to toss the season after five weeks, especially with as good of a car as he has …

  11. Dave Moore says:

    Steve, Like I said in my eariler post, we place no blame on Abe. Terry actually was faster then Abe was. I was setting in the pit bleachers and this is how I saw it, Terry was about a 1/2 car length(Dent in car showed this) ahead of Abe when they rubbed each other. Abe’s a smart driver and he grabbed the bottom (last 2 wins)and we knew that we had two chances to get around him because he started ahead of us and protects the bottom really good. Use the chrome horn or go to the outside. Terry doesn’t like to use the chrome horn so he went for the lane up from the bottom. Dustin Griffen use the same move to get around Mark in the late model race. Hope you change your mind and root for Terry again.

  12. Terry Houston says:

    steve??,i had or have no intentions of wrecking anybody, with the run i had on abe i thought i had cleared him.i knew that if i didnt get back to the bottom i would,as i did,go backwards. sorry to have disapionted ya,guess my spotter needs a tune up.

  13. QR Driver says:

    Simply having more moisture in the track will not provide better racing week in and week out. Yes, you will see a driver rattle off a quick time, but this does not mean you will have 20 laps of side by side edge of your seat racing. What you will likely see is a bunch of cars running wide open and only passing when another makes a mistake. Joe is correct when he states that all the travelers like slick tracks. Slick tracks seperate the men from the boys. It takes three times the talent to be fast on a slick track. It takes intelligence to have your car setup correctly, and talent behind the wheel to maintain that traction through the corner. What we currently have at Quincy is the result of poor track preparation. The track isn’t neccessarily “slick.” The track is actually more marbles than anything else. The marbles are what blow across the track as it drys and all but eliminate the top groove. The track has to clean up top to bottom to create an even surface that drivers can move around on. The main difference the past few weeks is that the track crew has been placing way too much water on the bottom of the track to start the night, and as a result, the majority of the mods and lates run the top in the heats and burn it up. Later, the track transitions to the bottom and the slime from the infield is blown across the track and turns into marbles. Until the track crews starts finish grading the track after they sheepsfoot it, they will not have a consistently good surface each week. If you think back to the first couple nights of the year, we had more passing in the features, but the bottom wasn’t a mud hole. A light sprinkle of water on the infield will settle the dust for the fans and drivers, but over watering the bottom will not be condusive to side by side racing as we have all seen.

  14. Black Cloud says:

    Hey dirt you messin with my buddies.

  15. seighinger says:

    i’m gettin’ yelled at by Terry and I have no idea what I did!

  16. Terry Houston says:

    stevie dirt that was addressed to steve not stevie

  17. steve says:

    way to go ABE keep em coming… terry if your faster you can pass him clean and not turn down into him…u knew you couldnt pass him so you thought you would cut him off and run into him ….why dont you go contest abe at other tracks like lee county and 34…both of which honest Abe finished second at this weekend… safe to say hes on FIRE!!

  18. Dave Moore says:

    Terry’s work dictates that he works on Saturday. If it wasn’t for that he probably would race at other tracks. Its great that you know more that the drivers , keep telling us how it is as seen through you eyes. Abe is on fire, but its a long season and we don’t intend to give up.

  19. just a fan says:

    Um um I believe Mr Hulls won at 34. Just saying.

  20. just a fan says:

    And that’s why I’m not allowed to work the pay booth. Hmmm weird well in my head I thought he took it on the last lap. My bad.

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