The three modified amigos remain at the top

May 22, 2012 8 Comments

In the volatile world of The Dirty Thirty, there are three constants from last week: Dave Wietholder, Michael Long and Tony Dunker all remain in the top three. Not quite in the same order, but they’re all back in the top three. Have fun with this week’s list:

1. (2.) Dave Wietholder: Dave is tied for the series lead in wins (4) and has not finished lower than second since April 1.
2. (1.) Michael Long: Let’s face it, it’s going to be tough to keep Michael out of that No. 1 position very long if he continues excelling in two classes. What cost him the No. 1 spot this week was the 15th place in the mod feature.
3. (3.) Tony Dunker: The names Wietholder, Long and Dunker at the top of a list like this brings back memories of the mid-2000s.
4. (17.) Dustin Griffin: Consider this … Dustin has been able to race just three of the five Sunday nights, yet leads all drivers in all classes in victories (7). He has five wins in the past two weeks in the Super Late Models, and two of those are feature victories. Yeah, he’s what you call hot.
5. (6.) Steven DeLonjay: It continues to amaze me watching Steven race each Sunday night. The line he follows out there was the same one we watched his dad, Hank, take for all of those years.
6. (7.) Jared Schlipman: Still trying for that 40th career win.
7. (5.) Robbie Reed: Glad to see The Florida Kid back in the pits.
8. (4.) Justin Reed:I’ve been meaning to ask Justin if he is now officially a Kahok.

Jake Powers' dominance last Sunday was reminiscent of Ricky Bobby.

9. (12.) Abe Huls: There are not many cars in that stock car class, but they are having one heckuva a points race. The top four are within four points of one anoher. Abe currently sits third, two points behind Terry Houston. Abe, however, has won three of the series’ five features.
10. (14.) Aaron Brocksieck: Aaron has either finished first or second in three of thepast four finishes.

11. (16.) Jake Powers: Jake looked like Ricky Bobby out there Sunday night. A little shake-n-bake.
12. (11.) Jason Perry: I think Jason has established one of the strangest track “records” I have ever seen. He has finished sixth in the feature three straight weeks.
13. (13.) Terry Houston: Anyone remember Terry’s last year in a modified at the Bullring? If you guessed 2006, you were correct. More Terry trivia: He finished third in “B” mod points in 2004. Who finished ahead of him? Tony Dunker and Jeff Waterman.
14. (20.) Mark Burgtorf: Mark is driving the Blonde Girls crazy. One week he’s in the “Blonde No. 7” and the next he is piloting the No. 15. They don’t know which one of his T-shirts o wear.
15. (19.) Shawn Deering: It’s almost impossible to fathom that Shawn has not won a feature in his career at the Bullring. Do you have the feeling that when he finally finds his way to victory lane he’s become a common visitor? He will enter Sunday night working on a 0-for-102 streak. Just unbelievable.

Shawn Deering: Trying for that elusive first feature win.

16. (8.) Tanner Klingele: How long until Tanner collects his first sport mod feature win? I predict before mid-July.
17. (10.) Jeremy Buss: The only luck Jeremy had last Sunday night was bad. Oh well, after four spectacular runs, the sheet metal gods were just getting even.
18. (9.) Jim Gillenwater: Hopefully, we’ll see Jim back in the starting grid Sunday night.
19. (21.) Matt Bailey: Matt’s about due for another good week. Since winning the April 8 feature, his top finish was last week’s 10th-place effort.
20. (22.) Jerry Jansen: Did everyone notice Jerry and Dave Moore arriving last Sunday in one of those new Chevy Volts?

21. (24.) Seth Woodruff: This is the highest-ever ranking for a sport compact. Congrats, Seth!
22. (25.) Brandon Symmonds: Jake the Snake has captured most of the early season hoopla in the hobbies, but Brandon has quietly climbed into title contention.
23. (15.) Denny Woodworth: Denny remains one win away from being the fifth member of the 100-victory club (since 1999).
24. (27.) Bobby Anders: We’re still waiting for that first signature statement from Bobby in the sport mods. It shoudln’t be too much longer.
25. (18.) Jake Griffin: If you have never talked with Jake, take the time some Sunday night. He’s a great kid and he loves racing.
26. (28.) Kim Abbott: Have you ever watched Kim go into a corner? The girl is fearless.
27. (26.) Joe Bliven: Joe tells me this week he is considering a career in journalism.
28. (-) Brad Holtmeyer: One of the top rookies at the track this year, regardless of division.
29. (-) Rick Barlow Jr.: A nice addition to the weekly lineup at the track. Thanks for making the haul, Rick.
30. (-) Vance Wilson: Vance looks more natural in a modified. And we hear that No. 15 will be carrying the familiar “B1” this week.

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  1. The Buss says:

    Take it easy on me dirt. After alittle body work and a broke engine I don’t think I can take much more. Lol

  2. Terry Houston says:

    stevie, if my memory is correct that was wyatt not jeff, and somthing like 12 pionts out

  3. seighinger says:

    Terry, I think you’re right … I’ll check my books again tonight. Sometimes I have trouble multi-tasking, just ask Joe Bliven. Or Dark Cloud.

  4. Dave Moore says:

    Yeh, Jerry and I arrived at the track but we were towing a chevy volt (Obama Motors Car) behind the race trailer. Your just upset because we race the only American Made and owned by Americans car. Fast On Race Day. By the way Mr. Dirt what brand of auto due you drive? I think the people have a right to know.

  5. seighinger says:

    The official cars of the Dirt family are a Kia Sorento and a Mercury Mariner. We’re an SUV family.

  6. Dave Moore says:

    Well that’s not to bad for a buckeye.

  7. Dan Havernale says:

    kia sorento are built in georgia toyota are built in texas and where are most of the fords built? o yea mexico

  8. Fordracer06 says:

    Volt! Ain’t that one of those over grown RC cars that you have to plug into the wall every day to recharge. Dave must have just been a good guy and helped pull in some one who forgot to plug it in the day before. Hahahah! Dan, I do believe that most major car manufactures sell in the global market and have multiple manufacturing plants around the world. The difference being is where they have their world head quarters. I believe Ford’s is still in the US and Toyota and Kia’s is in Asia (Korea and Japan). Just something to think about. Just like Ricky Bobby “I wanna go Fast!” See ya all Sunday.

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