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May 26, 2012 7 Comments

Gold medal: QR Driver

Simply having more moisture in the track will not provide better racing week in and week out. Yes, you will see a driver rattle off a quick time, but this does not mean you will have 20 laps of side by side edge of your seat racing. What you will likely see is a bunch of cars running wide open and only passing when another makes a mistake. Joe is correct when he states that all the travelers like slick tracks. Slick tracks seperate the men from the boys. It takes three times the talent to be fast on a slick track. It takes intelligence to have your car setup correctly, and talent behind the wheel to maintain that traction through the corner. What we currently have at Quincy is the result of poor track preparation. The track isn’t neccessarily “slick.” The track is actually more marbles than anything else. The marbles are what blow across the track as it drys and all but eliminate the top groove. The track has to clean up top to bottom to create an even surface that drivers can move around on. The main difference the past few weeks is that the track crew has been placing way too much water on the bottom of the track to start the night, and as a result, the majority of the mods and lates run the top in the heats and burn it up. Later, the track transitions to the bottom and the slime from the infield is blown across the track and turns into marbles. Until the track crews starts finish grading the track after they sheepsfoot it, they will not have a consistently good surface each week. If you think back to the first couple nights of the year, we had more passing in the features, but the bottom wasn’t a mud hole. A light sprinkle of water on the infield will settle the dust for the fans and drivers, but over watering the bottom will not be condusive to side by side racing as we have all seen.

Silver medal: Joe Boom

you can tell who is the “local racer” let me tell ya the hell tour race we had when jeep set fast time about 2/3 s of the field said the track was too fast yes u heard me too fast the traveling guys want it to be dry slick so it seperates the drivers from the wanabes ill give ya its hard to run up top but it can be done long was up there sundayin the late model dunker runs up there in the sportmods and trust me management is trying to keep the track tackier longer but its not as simple as more water

Bronze medal: Marisa Roach

For once I agree with flyby… I think the 5:30 starts are great! Gets everyone home at a decent time ..whether kids are in school or not it is nice to get them home at a good time and not so late. Plus, as he said I think it is def. helping in getting out of town cars for sure. I say KEEP the 5:30 starts.

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  1. stretch says:

    Is it true that lonny bailey is racing a sportmod now? they already have a a modified driver and a late model driver running in the division. I guess another late model driver wouldnt hurt. sorry for all the beginners in this division. it was made as a low budget beginners class. now there is a mod and late model drivers coming in trying to get some easy wins its a bad deal . if you cant win in the class your racing. just move down.

  2. Matt Bailey says:

    My dad is not driving a sport mod…might want to check your sources.

  3. Terry Houston says:

    lonnie should not be able to race a sport mod having holding a imca latemodel license. according to imca rules, correct me if im wrong

  4. just a fan says:

    Just my bench racing count for nothing opinion. But if I ever had a car and drove in a starter class. I think it’d be nice to have some vets in the class. So while I might not win till like mid season or whenever. It’d be so sweet cause not only have a finally beat my fellow awesome rookie class mates but I’ve also beat some of the best of the best. Kinda like a driver see driver do kinda thing. Once again just my opinion.

  5. Mrs. Flash says:

    Stretch, first I don’t think it is ever an “easy win”in any class. I really wish you wouldn’t assume that a veteran moved to that class for that reason because that is not the case at all. Just because there is a lot of beginners in a class doesn’t mean that the veterans don’t have to work hard for a win. I would imagine one of the drivers you are referring to is Vance? Unless you are part of the decision that had to be made then I would appreciate you not commenting on why “you think” the move was made. I can guarantee that it had nothing to do with Vance not getting a win in the late models and looking for an easy win in the sport mods. He ran very well in that class and passed a lot of good cars/drivers for the few weeks he was racing late models. For personal reasons, he had to make the move that he did. When someone has as much passion for racing as Vance does, then you do what you have to do to make it possible to stay in a racecar. Racing is a hobby and should be fun but, there are also other things in life besides racing, such as family, and when your hobby becomes your job then something has to change.

  6. showstopper says:

    Very good point Mrs. Flash. Vance won over 20 late model features and the ULMA championship 2 years ago. I’d imagine with the class switching to UMP the cost to run one of these is quite higher. A competitive UMP motor cost what? 30-40 grand? Stretch, u want to sponsor Lonnie or Vance and give them a top notch ride then I’m sure u wld. see them in a late model weekly. I for one am glad Vance is in a racecar. He is exciting to watch and like I said any of u all want to flip him 50 grand or so I’m sure he’d be in a late model and put your name on his car.

  7. Mrs. Flash says:

    You are absolutely correct showstopper. The cost is very high and unfortunately doesn’t fit into our budget. Vance loves the late models and if someone came along as a car owner he would very much consider going back to that class. Moving to the sport mods was not an easy decision to make but now that it is done, it was the best decision we could have made because we had a blast running 3 nights last weekend. Being able to find the fun in racing again is PRICELESS and that is what it is all about!! Hoping to see the B1 back in victory lane soon!!

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