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May 31, 2012 6 Comments

Matt Bailey, shown after his April 8 feature win, is the only late model winner this year to start outside of row two.



Pick to click: I’m leaning toward Dustin Griffin to win his third feature in four weeks. He was never able to make a serious run at first place last Sunday after getting in trouble during his heat race and not qualifying for for the dash that establishes the first three rows of the main event.

Best comeback bet: Michael Long, who ran last week at Granite City, should be back in the pits and make a push for that first late model feature win.

Noteworthy: The only driver to win a late model feature and not start on the pole or be in the first two rows is Matt Bailey. Bailey won his April 8 feature after starting eighth.


Pick to click: Ths streak ends Sunday night. Shawn Deering will win his first modified feature and we can put to rest that 0-for-103 string attached to his name.

Best comeback bet: Dave Wietholder, who was forced to exit early after a lap 16 altercation. That ended his streak of four straight features of finishing either first or second.

Noteworthy: This is kind of weird, but cool. Here’s how the second-place finishers in the feature have gone the first of the season: Michael Long-Michael Long-Dave Wietholder-Dave Wietholder-Steven DeLonjay-Steven DeLonjay.

Joe Bliven


Pick to click: Are you kidding? Picking anyone else except Tony Dunker would be silly at this point … except may new arch rival Vance Wilson. But on this week, we’re sticking with TEAMTHREEBOSS.

Best comeback bet: Joe Bliven, who may have a new body on the 20JB car Sunday night.

Noteworthy: Dunker’s streak is at six straight features of finishing no worse than second. “I have never seen him so patient out there,” says one of his fellow sport mod drivers.


Pick to click: Abe Huls makes it four for four.

Best comeback bet: This one’s easy. Aaron Brocksieck finished seventh last week. That won’t happen again.

Noteworthy: The last driver to lead a feature lap besides Huls was Terry Houston on May 6.


Pick to click: Jake Powers has won features on the first, third and fifth weeks of racing. This is No. 7, so it’s his turn again.

Best comeback bet: Once again, I’m going with Jeremy Buss. By the way, do Jeremy and Abe Huls have “team” cars? Have you looked at their two cars?

Noteworthy: Expect the hobby stocks points race to stay tight all season. Only once (2004) since 1999, has this series seen its championship decided by more than 19 points. Twice in the last five ears it has been decided by one point.


Pick to click: Seth Woodruff, who is coming off his “worst” feature finish of the season — fifth.

Best comeback bet: Seth Woodruff, who is coming off his “worst” feature finish of the season — fifth. (No, you’re seeing double.)

Noteworthy: This class is rapdily become one of my favorites. Great car counts, close races and some feuds developing.  Only once this season has there been fewer than 16 sport compacts in the pits.

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  1. GMF says:

    Saw what I hope to be a glimpses of tomorrow last night at lee county between tdunk and Wilson! What an amazing show these 2 put on, it was clean and very exciting! Just adds even more excitement to this newly added class this year. Ps gillenwater wasn’t there last night either Oooo and I knew that foster dropped a driveshaft as soon as it popped out! I call that progress 🙂

  2. Black Cloud says:

    1 out of 6 better drop this forecast. 16.66% better get another line of work.

  3. seighinger says:

    Dark Cloud,
    Have you been drinking firewater again?

  4. Black Cloud says:

    If you were playing for the Cleveland Indians, they would send you back to the minors.

  5. just a fan says:

    I do believe he’s um implying that ya couldn’t pick a winner if all the baconators in the world depended on it. Just a guess.

  6. joe boom says:

    Mr dirt please dont not ever pick me for comeback of the week again twice u have and twice i have taken out thank you

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