The Dirty Thirty: Dunker on top

June 27, 2012 1 Comment

1. (2.) Tony Dunker: This might be the most impressive fact of the season to date: TEAM4BOSS has either won or finished second in nine of 10 features.
2. (3.) Abe Huls:If Terry Houston had not won the June 3 feature (Huls was second), Honest Abe would have set the modern-era track record for most consecutive feature wins last week. As it stands, he has “only” won six of the last seven.

Jared Schlipman

3. (4.) Steven DeLonjay: OK, so Steven might not be getting a Christmas card from a few of the drivers this December …
4. (1.) Dave Wietholder:Dave has two DNFs this season. In the other eight features, he has finished no lower than third.
5. (7.) Jason Perry: Who is the hottest late model hotshoe at the track, Jason or …
6. (14.) Justin Reed: … Justin?
7. (6.) Michael Long: Michael has registered the fastest feature lap four consecutive weeks.
8. (8.) Jared Schlipman: I need an official list for the chain of command with the Mendon Mafia.
9. (5.) Dustin Griffin: Dustin, you need to make the dash.
10. (12.) Tanner Klingele: Let’s start a debate here. Is Tanner the best “young” driver at the Bullring? There are some great young wheelmen at 8000 Broadway … who is your choice?

Tanner Klingele

11. (11.) Mark Burgtorf: Mark, the Blonde Girls would prefer you drive the Blonde No. 7. Personally, I have no preference, but you know testy they can get.
12. (10.) Denny Woodworth: Denny, maybe you need to go back to a red car to get that first feature win of the season.
13. (15.) Bobby Anders: Bobby, how does it feel to not to be the center of all the controversies? (We won’t bring up that one little incident earlier in the season.)
14. (19.) Jim Moon: Here’s to a long and fruitful relationship between the Moon Man and the Bullring. He’s been a dependable and classy addition to the weekly late model lineup.
15. (9.) Jake Powers: Man, that DQ hurt, Snake.
16. (17.) Robbie Reed: Robbie, you’ve been kind of quiet since the Florida trip. Maybe you need to apply the chrome horn to someone and live up lap one Sunday night. Just a guess, but I don’t think many will be watching your car. I think there are a couple of others who will be attracting most of the eyeballs.
17. (23.) Joe Bliven: Must be the new skin on that car, eh Joe? When you can hold off the Babe Ruth of the sport mods (that would be Dunker), you’re definitely doing something right.
18. 21.) Vance Wilson: Vance is pulling a Miley Cyrus, starting “The Climb” back up the rankings.
19. (13.) Jake Griffin: Jake gets the unofficial ZZ Top award for the best-looking hauler in the pits.
20. (16.) Terry Houston: Terry, my wife drives a Mercury Mariner. Is that close enough to a Ford?

21. (22.) Shawn Deering: Shawn, see if you can trade pit stalls with someone. Could bring some better luck.
22. (24.) Jerry Jansen: Congrats on that Sunday night run, Jerry. I think you needed one more lap.
23. (27.) Brian Hoener: He’s going to be a player from here to the end of the season in the hobbies. Mr. Hoener is definitely hooked up.
24. (25.) Clint Kirkham: It will be interesting to see how Clint stacks up in second-half points.
25. (18.) Matt Bailey: Hopefully, No. 52 will be back in the pits Sunday night.
26. (-) Seth Woodruff: A year ago, Seth went wild in the second half. We’re now in the second half. Let’s see what happens.
27. (-) Brad Holtmeyer: Welcome to The Dirty Thirty, Brad!

Special additions for this week: Since the blogosphere just about blew up in recent days, The Dirty Thirty panel decided to include these three contributors for providing us with some great entertainment:
28. Rizzle: Troy Grotz, way to stir things up! (Actually, Travis Grotz could share this position, but we’ll let the brothers figure that out.)
29. Ursa fan: We had never heard from this voice before, but … wow, what a last few days!
30. Dave Moore: Speedo and all, Dave can always be counted on to ruffle someone’s feathers.

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  1. Fordracer06 says:

    Thanks Stevie. Had alot of fun racing Abe last Sunday. He is one of the best in this class so to make him earn one felt like a win. Hats off to the track guys. I wasn’t so sure when racing started how the track was going to be, but it turned out real smooth and racey for the feature. I will miss stiring dirt this week with the week off, but aleast I can enjoy some cool beverages while everyone else is sweating.

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