Thoughts from the Bullring

June 25, 2012 53 Comments

Chief steward Jake Croxton talks about the positive developments at the track this year and what could still use improvement, while modified feature winner Steve DeLonjay tells us about his Sunday night feature win and offers some thoughts about his season.

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  1. 2ha says:

    Iam on skipps side about the sprintcars they do suck but again aloso on his side no matter what the track or what happen the week b4 ill still b there each and every sunday sitting were I always sit drrinking my coores light can’t wait till Sunday

  2. racegirl says:

    Well first I am a big Grotz fan. But I also want to point out that there is not one ump offical at the bullring as far as I know. Does anyone know?

  3. joe boom says:

    Not sure bout this year last year i was a licenced ump official though

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