Most exciting series at the Bullring?

July 31, 2012 6 Comments

Jake Powers (0) leads Jeremy Buss (11B) and an unidentified car during a 2011 hobyy stock race.

The term “exciting” can be defined in different forms, especially by race fans. What constitutes an “exciting” race? Is it a ton of crashes, side-by-side racing for the top spot, a lot of lead changes or something else?

If “lead changes” is within the parameters of how you determine excitement, it may surprise you the most exciting series — using that specific measurement — at the Bullring is the hobby stock class. That division has had more lead changes in feature races this season than any of the other six weekly classes at the track. Granted, a race can be “exciting” with zero lead swaps, but if the number of lead changes is important to you, the following breakdown might prove interesting:

Late models: 13 lead changes in 14 features (season high of 4), 1.08 per race.
Modifieds: 22 lead changes in 15 features (season high of 4),  1.47 per race.
Sport mods: 21 lead changes in 14 features (season high of 4), 1.50 per race.
Stock cars: 18 lead changes in 13 features (season high of 4), 1.39 per race.
Hobby stocks: 29 lead changes in 15 features (season high of 6), 1.93 per race.
Sport compacts: 25 lead changes in 14 features (season high of 3),  1.79 per race.

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  1. grease monkey says:


    What happened to the #16 mod las weekend? Ran 1 lap in the heat pulled off and didn’t make the feature?????

  2. seighinger says:

    Shawn got together with another car (I can’t remember who right now) and tore something up, couldn’t get it fixed in time for the feature. Unfortunately, he watched the feature in the stands.

  3. grease monkey says:

    Hope he makes it back. Kid needs some luck…..!

  4. 11b says:

    The unknown car is Nathan Hayes

  5. Jake The Snake says:

    GOOD PIC!!

  6. Xlr8r says:

    I believe Shawn got together with Jim Roach in the B4 mod.

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