Quincy Raceways calls off Sunday night schedule

July 21, 2012 4 Comments

Due to the continued extreme heat conditions — and forecasts for up to 105 degrees on Sunday — Quincy Raceways officials have canceled Sunday night’s weekly racing program.

The next action will be Sunday, July 29, which will be Fan Appreciation Night sponsored by Summy Tire and Mark Twain Casino. All adult admissions will be $5, with kids 10 and under free.

Sunday’s cancellation ends a streak of 13 consecutive shows this season since three straight rainouts to end April.

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  1. fan says:

    I can’t believe it, that’s why people can bring umbrella’s to have some shade. Now I’ve got to get my fix somewhere else.

  2. bullringfan says:

    some consistency would be nice. We can race on july 6 at 103 degrees,but we can’t race on a normal race night at 103? Move the start time back an hour so they start at the same time as the hell tour race did,7:30. The heat was bearable by then. And the last couple days they have missed the high temp forecast by quite a few degrees. Would be real bad if it only got up into the 90’s tomorrow and the races are already cancelled.

  3. BEAST says:

    I think QR made a good call.

  4. Just a fan says:

    We can’t race if we get any rain cause of mudslide pits, standing water and crick flooding. We can’t race in a drought cause we get track water from said Crick. That track is more blonde than I. Fingers crossed we’ll be back next Sunday. Just a crazy random thought I don’t think weather is the only thing keeping people away. Congrats to Mr Long on his Tri-City win.

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