The Dirty Thirty: Dunker, DeLonjay lead the way

July 22, 2012 2 Comments

Mark Burgtorf: Only 68 points out of late model series lead.

1. (1.) Tony Dunker: Who will more features this year? Tony or Abe Huls?
2. (3.) Steven DeLonjay: Steven won the first Dirty Thirty title. Can he go back-to-back?
3. (2.) Michael Long: Michael leads all UMP modified drivers with 12 victories.
4. (5.) Abe Huls: Which driver will be the first not to win another feature? Abe or Tony Dunker? Abe has won the last four times he has raced in Quincy. Tony has won his last two starts.
5. (7.) Jared Schlipman: Four straight weeks with no finish lower than fifth for The Schlip.
6. (8.) Tanner Klingele: Tanner’s average hobby stock finish over the past five features: 1.6.
7. (10.) Jason Perry: All things considered, Jason has arguably been the most consistent driver in the late model series.
8. (12.) Mark Burgtorf: Funny how very few were even talking about Mark as a title threat earlier this season, but a quick look at the points lists and there he is, sitting in fourth (despite not racing a full local schedule). He’s 68 points behind with eight points weeks remaining.
9. (9.) Dustin Griffin: Dustin has not visited victory lane since June 10. Why do I think this will soon change?
10. (6.) Dave Wietholder:  The Wiet has not led a feature lap since June 17. As in the case of Dustin Griffin, why do I feel that number will soon change, too?

Abe Huls

11. (4.) Justin Reed: Justin’s up-and-down season has been so uncharacteristic, but he’s not the only driver to say it may take a season to completely figure out the “UMP thing.”
12. (15.) Bobby Anders: If not for Tony Dunker’s dominating car, this would be your points leader in the sport mods.
13. (13.) Brian Hoener: Only Jake Powers (12) and Tanner Klingele (10)  have won more overall hobby stock races than Hoener (8).
14. (16.) Shawn Deering: Shawn has run more feature laps (320) than any other UMP mod driver. Jared Schlipman (316) and Dave Wietholder (310) follow.
15. (11.) Brandon Symmonds: Brandon, Jake Powers, Tanner Klingele and Brian Hoener have combined to win 35 of 41 hobby stock races this season.
16. (23.) Austen Bercerra: The highest-ever ranking for a sport compact driver. That’s what winning four straight features will do for you.
17. (24.) Robbie Reed: Robbie has been one of the UMP mod series’ most consistent drivers. He ended the first half of the season fifth in points, and in strictly second-half points he is sixth.
18. (18.) Jim Moon: The Moon Man has won the most money ($2,855) this season at the track involving drivers not calling the Quincy area home. Dewayne Kiefer ($2,480) is second.
19. (17.) Denny Woodworth: Denny, Matt Bailey and Jim Moon are tied for the late model lead in improvement points with 27.
20. (20.) Clint Kirkham: Clint is fifth in second-half points among the late model drivers.

21. (25.) Terry Houston: Terry and Jerry Jansen are the only stock car drivers who have kept their cars on the track for every feature lap this season.
22. (14.) Jake Griffin: Jake is one of seven UMP modified drivers to win more than $2,000 so far this summer.
23. (19.) Jake Powers: The Snake has managed just two top-five finishes since June 10.
24. (-) Matt Bailey: After last week’s strong showing, Matt was definitely one of the drivers who hated to see Sunday night’s program canceled.
25. (21.) Joe Bliven: Since his June 17 feature win, Joe has not been able to finish higher than fourth in the sport mod main event.
26. (27.) Brad Holtmeyer: Will Brad’s dad, former late model driver Mark Holtmeyer, allow him to plow snow this winter as part of the family business?
27. (-) Gabe Harrison: Gabe has not finished lower than fourth over the past three stock car features.
28. (29.) Seth Woodruff: Seth remains the top money-winner on the sport compact circuit with $765.
29. (26.) Jerry Jansen: Only once in the last six stock car features has Jerry cracked the top three.
30. (-) Kim Abbott: We’ve talked all year about Kim’s fast finish to the 2011 season. She’ll need a repeat performance to keep her dream alive of being the first female track champ at the Bullring.

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