DeLonjay, Dunker, Houston will likely be first drivers to clinch 2012 track championships at the Bullring

August 28, 2012 4 Comments

The remaining weeks of points racing can be counted on one hand. Actually, three fingers. That means we can have some fun figuring out what some specific drivers need to average finish-wise to win a track championship.

The three most lopsided races right now are in the UMP modifieds, IMCA sport mods and the IMCA stock cars.

Steven DeLonjay holds a 72-point margin over Dave Wietholder and an 84-point edge over Jared Schlipman in the mods, Tony Dunker owns a sizable 55-point advantage over Bobby Anders in the sport mods Terry Houston has a comfortable 15-point advantage over Jerry Jansen in the stocks and their IMCA scoring formula.

The other three classes remain up in the air will likely go down to the final night of racing.

If DeLonjay averages a fifth-place finish the final three Sundays of points racing the title will be his — and that’s if Wietholder wins the final three features. UMP scoring allows for more fluctuation, and it’s much easier to cut into the leader’s advantage — but it is also easier to pull away if you are in the catbird seat and those behind you stumble.

Even if Anders would run the checkered-flag table in the sport mods, Dunker only needs to average a 12th-place finish to wrap up his first track title since 2004. If Dunker wins again Sunday night (he already has 11 main-event victories), that would all but clinch the championship due to the relatively low car counts in that division.

Terry Houston

Houston also needs to average a fifth-place finish in the stocks, and that’s if Jansen wins all remaining features. Houston’s 15-point advantage does not look that tremendous on paper, but in the IMCA’s one point-per-place system it’s monumental at this point, especially in a series where the average car count has been 8.5.

And remember, each week the leaders’ closest challengers do not win the feature, the odds for DeLonjay and Houston increase even more.

Steven DeLonjay, 1,104 points
Dave Wietholder, 1,032
Jared Schlipman, 1,020
Shawn Deering, 901
Michael Long, 840
Jake Griffin, 827
NOTE: If DeLonjay averages a fifth-place finish in the final three points features he will win the championship.

Terry Houston, 579 points
Jerry Jansen, 564
Abe Huls, 558
Darin Weisinger, 541
NOTE: If Houston averages a fifth-place finish over the final three points features he will win the championship.

Tony Dunker, 659 points
Bobby Anders, 624
Joe Bliven, 613
NOTE: If Dunker averages a 12th-place finish over the final three points features he will win the championship.

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  1. Joe Boom says:

    Hey dirt hate to pit a bug in ur math but imca classes only have 2 point nights left

  2. seighinger says:

    Wellllll …. crap. Guess I should have looked at the schedule. I’d say Terry and Tony have the titles locked up then!! Joe, what would I do it without you?

  3. Dave Moore says:

    typical buckeye, has trouble thinking about anything but food and football.

  4. seighinger says:

    Dave, why didn’t you tell me you were from Michigan!!!

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