Steady drivers, big surprises and where are they?

August 29, 2012 12 Comments

First, the good news. It’s still racing season. We have four Sunday nights left in the schedule at 8000 Broadway.

Secondly, the bad news. The weather forecast does not look promising for the weekend, thanks to the peripheral effects of Hurricane Isaac or Tropical Storm Isaac or whatever it is tormenting the Gulf Coast region.

So it looks like we might have some extra down time on our hands again Sunday evening. If so, chew on these following thoughts. I’d like to hear you think:

Late models

Steadiest driver of the year: Jason Perry is not leading the points by accident. Week in, week out, the driver of the No. 27 car has, for the most part, run near the front. Mark Burgtorf also deserves to be in the conversation, but his two missed points week kind of watered down his overall impact on the title chase.

Biggest surprise:  Clint Kirkham has definitely elevated his game to the next level in what to date has been his finest year in a late model.

Pat Dunker: No. 5 in your program, No. 1 in your heart. (All photos compliments of Dewain Hulett.)

Where have you gone?: Joey Gower and Dustin Neese.


Steadiest driver of the year: The obvious answer is Steven DeLonjay, who is zeroing in on his second series title, but Jared Schlipman deserves to be int he mix, too. Neither driver has endured any serious “downs” to go with all of their “ups.” The tiebreaker between the two would be DeLonjay’s victories, but Schlipman has been as dependable as any driver in any division.

Biggest surprise of the year: Not many figured Russ Coultas to be a major player at the beginning of the season, but he currently sits a solid ninth in points in a division where a top-10 standing is nothing to make a blonde joke about.

Nathan Anders: From hobby stock to stock car to sport mod.

Where have you gone?: Donovan Lodge and Jim Roach?

Sport mods

Steadiest driver of the year: Tony Dunker. What else can you say about someone who has finished first or second in all but one feature?

Biggest surprise of the year: The overall lack of cars.

Where have you gone?: Jim Gillenwater and Brandon Dale?

Stock cars

Steadiest driver of the year: Abe Huls. He has Dunker-esque numbers, but those two missed features will cost him a second track title.

Biggest surprise of the year: Michael Larsen’s continued improvement. If the season were to start over today, he would have to be considered a major player.

Where have you gone?: Chris Wibbell and Andrew Griffin?

Hobby stocks

Steadiest driver of the year: Jake Powers, Tanner Klingele and Brian Hener have had more exclamation points, but the steadiest driver overall has been Brandon Symmonds, who has finished in the top five of the feature 14 times out of a possible 17. Symmonds is currently second in points, three behind Powers and two ahead of Klingele.

Seth Woodruff: Steadiest of the sport compacts.

Biggest surprise of the year: Nathan Anders leaving the class for the stock cars, then sport mods.

Where have you gone?: Jim Powell and Jim Brown.

Sport compacts

Steadiest driver of the year: Seth Woodruff, who if not involved in a crash, will normally wind up with a podium finish (or close to it).

Biggest surprise of the year: Austen Becerra’s domination of the second half. If not for the victory runs of Dunker and Huls, he would have earned more attention for all of those second-half victories. (And an honorable mention tip o’ the hat to Skippy Dunker — No. 5 in your program, No. 1 in your heart.)

Where have you gone?: Craig Bangert and Bill Michel?



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  1. SKIPP says:




  2. michael larsen says:

    Same here…..except….I can’t hardly wait till next year….maybe I will get lucky and find another sponser or two and run some new tires…..

  3. DTRFan says:

    Some little birdy dropped a message in my ear. Something along the lines of another Jason being at the track for the next week of racing whenever that might be. Could the 0F machine be making a return? Only time will tell.

  4. M. Roach says:

    Jim Roach has made the choice to no longer drive the B4 car. My dad would love to find a ride for Boone if anyone is looking for a driver.

  5. DirtTracker7 says:

    31G took the year off was gonna focus on 34 for imca but car count was low, we should be back next year

  6. Dave Moore says:

    Stevie, all you do all week is think up things to write about and you still make mistakes. You need to get an 18 yr. old female assistent to help you keep things straight. Abe missed one race but the race he ran the heat in and didn’t start the feature he was award last place points. Therefore he missed only one race for points.

  7. seighinger says:


    Although I could use — and want — a female assistant, I simply said he MISSED running the feature. I know he got last-place points. What do you think I am, blonde?

  8. Dave Moore says:

    I know your not blonde but even worse your from Ohio.

  9. seighinger says:

    Dave, you simply don’t get around. Ohio is the nation’s Garden of Eden. Best dirt track: Eldora. Best college football program: Ohio State. What else matters?

  10. dirtfarmer says:

    Ohio State- best tattoo parlors? Just sayin’….

  11. seighinger says:

    Dirt Farmer ….good one. I tip my silver helmet covered with buckeye leaves to you.

  12. Dave Moore says:

    I don’t believe there were any Ohioians at Boone seems they don’t take buckeyes for money in Iowa. I’ve heard they still drive steam powered chevys fueled with buckeye leaves. As far as Eldora, its owned by the world champion silver helmet tosser. We all know what happened in the Garden of Edan. Boy if I was from ohio, I wouldn’t tell any one.

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