Steady Houston king of the stock cars

September 25, 2012 1 Comment

Terry Houston: No. 1 in the all-time stock car rankings.

If the stock car series is pulled from the 2013 lineup at the Bullring — or given another reprieve, which we hope — one thing is certain. Terry Houston has been the most successful driver over the course of its five-year existence. (Hopefully that sentence can be rewritten in a few weeks to say the first five years of its existence.)

Houston, who claims the outspoken Dave Moore among his racing friends, became the first stock car driver to win two track titles with his championship this year. Abe Huls, Jeff Mueller and Aaron Brocksieck have the others.

That second title kept Houston cemented atop the track’s all-time stock car top 10 driver rankings.

Houston has been far less flashy than some of his rivals — he has never had one of those Abe Huls-esque winning streaks, nor have any of his cars provided the eye candy as those of Aaron Brocksieck’s. But what Houston has had is an unrivaled consistency. He’s there week in, week out and barring a crash or mechanical issue will finish near the top most Sunday nights.

If the stock cars do return next spring, count on Houston to be in the title mix — again. That’s what consistency does for a driver.


Drivers receive ranking points on a 15-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale for their position in the final top 10 points standing each season. Ties broken by number of championships, second-place points finishes, top five points finishes, top 10 points finishes, etc.

1. Terry Houston, 48 points (2 title)
2. Abe Huls, 38 (1 title)
3. Aaron Brocksieck, 28 (1 title)
4. Jerry Jansen, 26
5. Andrew Griffin, 24
6. Kevin Tomlinson, 18
7. Steve Steinkuhler, 17
8. Jeff Mueller, 15 (1 title)
9. Chris Wibbell, 14
10. Michael Larsen, 12

Other drivers active in 2012 (minimum 5 ranking points)
Gabe Harrison, 11
Darin Weisinger, 7

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  1. just a fan says:

    Hey Dirt did you see cheater night is Sunday. I mistakenly thought it was out cheat your competition every night as long as your in the grey every Sunday. Race what ya Brung. Any chance I can drive your Kia out there probably make an ok 4 banger.

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