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October 29, 2012 2 Comments

Mark Burgtorf

The first thing that struck me in putting together a top five for the late models in the era since 1999 is how much this class will be changing name-wise in the coming years.

Even before the track opted to switch to UMP from IMCA affiliation we were on the edge of generational switch of drivers, with a new wave of hotshoes like Justin Reed firmly establishing themselves as the drivers of the future. Add the UMP name change to the mix and we have another surge of drivers, led by Dustin Griffin, beginning to lay claim to the Bullring.

It’s an exciting time to be a late model fan in Quincy. It will take several years to sort out what will be a new cast of weekly regulars, but it will be fun to watch evolve.

The following top five more or less represents the IMCA era at the track, and make no mistake about it — that was a great time. But times change, and a few of the IMCA policies had simply outlived their usefulness and it began to show in the car counts.

We’re still in the early stages of a completely new era at 8000 Broadway, and if 2013 is half as entertaining as 2012 was it should be quite a ride. But for a few minutes, let’s look back, instead of ahead. The top five late model drivers since 1999:

Lonnie Bailey

1. Mark Burgtorf: Mark was one of the first drivers to become upset with the IMCA and that was the main reason he took that familiar No. 7 to other tracks in recent years. But now he’s back and ready to add to those 14 Quincy titles. (See, I told you this new era would be exciting.)

2. Lonnie Bailey: What many tend to overlook is not the two track championships No. 25 has won, but the six times he finished second in the points race. Add that to the following numbers and it’s easy to see that only Mark earned more bragging rights in this particular period.

3. Denny Woodworth:The late model lawyer is the other member of the era’a big three. Always one of the Bullring’s most popular drivers, Denny became the newest member of the 100-overall victory club in 2012. (We’ll be looking at overall wins at the track later in the postseason, and in Denny’s case that included victories in a modified.)

Brent Slocum

4. Justin Reed: During one of Justin’s first couple of seasons at the track, one of the veterans told me he was natural, that he had a great support system and a track title was somewhere in the future. Check, check and check. I’ll add there’s likely another track championship (or more) in his career.

5. Brent Slocum: Brent died seven years ago, but it still seems like yesterday he was wheeling that No. 5 around the track. He accomplished quite a bit, including a track title, in this era. But but the most important part of the legacy he left us were the memories of not necessarily Brent Slocum the driver, but Brent Slocum the man.


TOTAL VICTORIES (since 1999)
1. Mark Burgtorf. 187
2. Lonnie Bailey, 98
3. Denny Woodworth, 92
4. Joey Gower, 48
5. Jerry Weisenberger, 36
6-tie. Justin Reed, 35
6-tie. Brent Slocum, 35
8-tie. Keith Pratt, 34
8-tie. Jamie Wilson, 34
10. Terry Gallaher, 33

Other active drivers in 2012
Jason Perry, 31
Jason Frankel, 30
Ron Elbe, 30
Dustin Griffin, 26
Matt Bailey, 23
Bill Genenbacher, 20

1. Dustin Griffin, 18
2. Mark Burgtorf, 15
3. Justin Reed, 6
4-tie. Jason Perry, 5
4-tie. Jim Moon, 5
4-tie. Dewayne Kiefer, 5
4-tie. Brian Shirley, 4
4-tie. Matt Bailey, 4
9-tie. Michael Long, 3
9-tie. Jake Griffin, 3
9-tie. Dennis Erb Jr., 3

1. Mark Burgtorf, 83
2. Lonnie Bailey, 23
3. Denny Woodworth, 22
4. Justin Reed, 13
5. Jason Frankel, 12
6. Terry Gallaher, 10
7-tie. Keith Pratt, 9
7-tie. Brent Slocum, 9
9. Jason Perry, 7
10-tie. Dustin Griffin, 6
10-tie. Matt Bailey, 6

1. Dustin Griffin, 5
2. Mark Burgtorf, 4
3. Justin Reed, 3
4. Brian Shirley, 2
5-tie. Matt Bailey, 1
5-tie. Michael Long, 1
5-tie. Jake Griffin, 1
5-tie. Dennis Erb Jr., 1
5-tie. Dewayne Kiefer, 1
5-tie. Jason Perry, 1

HEAT VICTORIES (since 1999)
1. Mark Burgtorf, 68
2-tie. Denny Woodworth, 44
2-tie. Lonnie Bailey, 44
4-tie. Joey Gower, 30
4-tie. Jerry Weisenberger, 30
6-tie. Keith Pratt, 23
6-tie. Ron Elbe, 23
8. Mike Dyche, 22
9-tie. Jamie Wilson, 19
9-tie. Dustin Neese, 19

Other drivers active in 2012
Bill Genenbacher, 17
Dustin Griffin, 14
Jason Perry, 15
Matt Bailey, 13
Jason Frankel, 13
Justin Reed, 12

Minimum 2
1-tie. Mark Burgtorf, 8
1-tie. Dustin Griffin, 8
3. Jim Moon, 5
4-tie. Jason Perry, 3
4-tie. Dewayne Kiefer, 3
6-tie. Matt Bailey, 2
6-tie. Justin Reed, 2

DASH VICTORIES (since 1999)
1. Mark Burgtorf, 35
2. Lonnie Bailey, 29
3. Denny Woodworth, 24
4. Brent Slocum, 17
5. Jamie Wilson, 10
6. Mike Karhoff, 9
7-tie. Justin Reed, 8
7-tie. Terry Gallaher, 8
9. Ron Elbe, 7
10-tie. Jason Perry, 6
10-tie. Dustin Griffin, 6
10-tie. Terry Schlipman, 6
10-tie. Mark Holtmeyer, 6

Other drivers active in 2012
Robby Warner, 5
Joey Gower, 5
Matt Bailey, 2
Michael Long, 1
Jake Griffin, 1
Jerry Lierly, 1
Keith Pratt, 1
Clint Kirkham, 1

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  1. Dustin Neese says:

    At least I didn’t fall completely off your radar . Thanks for all those numbers you crunch!!

  2. Just a fan says:

    Nebo Nitetrain come back sir. See Mr Burgtorf is we can have a happy reunion!

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