Farewell, hobbies, it was a great run

October 24, 2012 3 Comments

Steve Carlin, future Hall of Famer.

The hobby stock era may have ended at Quincy Raceways, but let’s take a look at some of the top career accomplishments while we toast these firmer Sunday night warriors with a glass of Classic Coke. Later in the offseason we’ll be examining the single-season highs, but today we look at the career leaders since 1999 when we started tracking this kind of stuff, and since 1997 when the series dropped the “bomber’ moniker.

Her’s my two cents concerning the top five performers in this class since 1999:

1. Steve Carlin: The future Hall of Famer (really, is there any doubt?) was the most dominant driver when you combine longevity and accomplishments. Unless the hobby stocks are revived some day, The Cap’n will always be remembered as the winningest overall driver the series ever produced, winning five titles and 96 overall races. Carlin told me during his last full season (2011) that he always tried to drive clean, even it meant finishing “four or five positions farther back.”

Eddie Dieker and Jerry Powers were a special kind of combination.

2. Eddie Dieker: We’ll always wonder “what if” — what if he had raced another five or 10 years. Eddie won the most features (39) and possessed an uncanny ability behind the wheel of a bomber. He and car builder Jerry Powers were a great match. What will I always remember about Eddie? That he always called me “sir.” Am I that old?!

3. Adam Birck: The best driver to never win a championship, but you can’t say he didn’t come close. Old No. 12 once finished second three straight years, and after that third season I think felt worse that Adam didn’t win the title than he did.

4. Jake Powers: I was looking forward to seeing “The Snake” climb his way up the hobby stock career totals, but, alas, that’s not going to happen. It’s rare when you can say a driver has improved every year he has been on the track, but Jake has. Not since Dieker made the Bullring his home has a driver this young — 21 — made such an impact in this series. I made Jake the No. 4 driver here, based on what I think would have happened in the coming years, but like I said, we’ll never know for sure. Hopefully, though, he’ll be in a stock car in 2013, so we can watch that (overall) development continue.

Jim Powell

5. Jim Powell: Here’s another driver who was always knocking on the championship door. A couple of what looked to be certain titles slipped away because of some … ummm … late-season temper problems. But he’s out there every Sunday night (well, almost, there has been a problem here and there) and no one loves to race more than this guy. And, he can play a guitar.


TOTAL VICTORIES (since 1999)
1. Steve Carlin, 96
2. Eddie Dieker, 91
3. Adam Birck, 64
4. Jim Powell, 49
5. Bobby Anders, 45
6. Bill Genenbacher, 40
7. Larry W. Powell, 32
8. Jake Powers, 30
9. Bruce Hatfield, 32
10. Tanner Klingele, 24

TOTAL VICTORIES (since 2007, when named changed to Hobby Stocks)
1. Steve Carlin, 54
2. Bobby Anders, 44
3. Jake Powers, 30
4. Jim Powell, 28
5. Tanner Klingele, 24
6. James Leffew, 21
7. Aaron Brocksieck, 17
8. Brian Hoener, 15
9. Wes Mayfield, 14
10. Travis Booher, 12

1. Eddie Dieker, 39
2. Steve Carlin, 32
3. Adam Birck, 24
4. Bobby Anders, 16
5. Jim Powell, 14
6. Jake Powers, 13
7-tie. Tanner Klingele, 12
7-tie. Bill Genenbacher, 12
9. Bobby Uppinghouse Jr., 10
10. Dave Wietholder, 9

FEATURE VICTORIES (since 2007, when named changed to Hobby Stocks)
1. Steve Carlin, 19
2. Bobby Anders, 16
3. Jake Powers, 13
4. Tanner Klingele, 12
5. Jim Powell, 9
6. James Leffew, 8
7. Aaron Brocksieck, 7
8-tie. Brian Hoener, 6
8-tie. Wes Mayfield, 6
10. Travis Booher, 5

HEAT VICTORIES (since 1999)
1. Steve Carlin, 61
2. Eddie Dieker, 51
3. Adam Birck, 38
4. Jim Powell, 29
5. Bobby Anders, 28
6. Bill Genenbacher, 23
7-tie. Larry Powell, 22
7-tie. Bruce Hatfield, 22
9. Todd Reichert, 18
10. Jake Powers, 17

HEAT VICTORIES (since 2007, when named changed to Hobby Stocks)
1. Steve Carlin, 33
2. Bobby Anders, 28
3. Jake Powers, 17
4. Jim Powell, 15
5. James Leffew, 13
6. Tanner Klingele, 12
7. Aaron Brocksieck, 10
8. Justin Bartz, 9
9-tie. Brandon Symmonds, 8
9-tie, Wes Mayfield, 8

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  1. terry houston says:

    you hadnt mentioned Dave Weitholder ? ! he and Eddie put on some great shows back then

  2. racer12 says:

    Hate to see the hobby stock class stop its always been a good competitive class. Stevie ur probably right bout feeling bad about the third yr i wanted to win races more than the championship. It would of been nice to have one though

  3. Jerry power says:

    It was a great class and i will miss all the fun we had doing it . Some of my fondest memorys where the times somone would tear their car up in a heat and we all chipped in and put the car back together so they could make the feature and somtimes they would out run the people who help fix their car. Jerry Powers

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