Quincy Raceways A to Z

January 18, 2013 1 Comment

Local race fan Dave Bodine sent me the following, which I found highly entertaining. He admittedly had some trouble coming up with some names for a few of the letters and asked for readers’ input. Anything you would change?

A – Bobby Anders
B – Mark Burgtorf
C – Dick Crane
D – Hank DeLonjay
E – Ron Elbe
F – Steve Fraise
G – Terry Gallaher
H – Terry Houston
I – Nick Ingalls
J – Jerry Jansen
K – Mike Karhoff
L – Michael Long
M – Wes Mayfield
N – Dustin Neese
O – John Oliver Jr.
P – Larry Pipes
Q – Quincy Raceways
R – Robbie Reed.
S – Brent Slocum.
T – Junior Tuggle
U – Greg Uppinghouse
V – Mark Van Winkle
W – Denny Woodworth
X – Racer X (from the old two-man cruiser days).
Y – ???
Z – Zippee

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  1. Charlie Bryson says:

    Steve “Y” could only be one thing!!!!!!!!!!! The “YAHOO’S” that try to start the crap all the time. Enough said.

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