Wietholder’s streak is beyond impressive

January 20, 2013 4 Comments

The sign of consistency.

The most amazing number connected with Quincy Raceways heading into the 2013 season might belong to Dave Wietholder.

It’s 237.

No, that’s not the amount of cheeseburgers he’s devoured at Mr. Bill’s, it’s the number of consecutive points features he’s started. The streak is more than decade old and involves four different classes. (And we’re not even counting the days when he and his wife, Tanya, fired up the old two-man cruisers on Thursday nights.)

Dave has proven to be the ultimate ironman in the modern era of the track. To have not missed a points feature in more than 10 years goes beyond luck. It requires a mental toughness — and a good crew — that most drivers can aonly dream about.

Here’s a breakdown of his streak:

155 straight in the UMP/”A” modified division.
18 in the “B” mods.
17 in the stock car class.
47 in the bombers.

And remember, in a few of those years, Wietholder was in involved in multiple classes.


Want some more proof how impressive Wietholder’s streak is? The second-best streak right now belongs to two-time defending modified track champ Steven DeLonjay. He will enter 2013 with 119 in a row, dating to his days in the old hornet class. He has 82 in a row in a modified.

Here’s a look at the leading streaks in each of this year’s five weekly classes:

Late models: Justin Reed has made 88 consecutive starts in points features. No other driver is even close.

Modifieds: Wietholder, 155; DeLonjay, 82 (119 overall), Shawn Deering, 82.

Stock cars: Terry Houston’s 58 in a row gives him an easy lead. No other driver is within 15.

Sport mods: Tony Dunker and Joe Bliven have each made 22 points features starts in a row in this division’s brief history.

Sport compacts: Only Seth Woodruff and Kim Abbott have started all 35 points features the first two years of this series.

Miscellaneous: I’m not sure where Jake Powers and Jeremy Buss will begin 2013, but they also have two streaks of note. Powers, who I think will be in a stock car, has started 69 straight points features. Buss, who might be in a sport mod (but I have not talked to him lately), has started 64 in a row.


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  2. seighinger says:


    He didn’t miss any points features.

  3. .?.?. says:

    kim missed a point race in 2011 florda

  4. seighinger says:

    ?? — Kim is not included in the “iron” listings … or am I missing something that you are saying?

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