Will we see Jeep’s mark fall in 2013?

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QR old logoIn all honesty, we probably just saw the surface scratched last summer when it came to the UMP Super Late Models. Most of our track regulars were still learning about what they had under the hood, and we probably saw only a fraction of the appearances we will see from the travelers once they get fully used to the new kid on the block — which in Quincy’s case means having a regular Sunday night track in the region.

One of the first things I feel we’ll notice this year is an uptick in the speed. The local FastMasters have a better feel for their cars and the out of town drivers will be a little more familiar with what kind of set-up(s) they need to run semi-regularly at 8000 Broadway.

Jeep Van Wormer

Jeep Van Wormer

I’ll be shocked if we don’t see someone finally knock Jeep Van Wormer off the top of the list below, and possibly even challenge Will Vaught’s qualifying record at the bottom of the page.

We are entering a new era of FastMasters at the Bullring. Year one of the UMP Super Late Models was great. Year two should be even greater, starting with some of the fast-lap times.

Since late 2007
1. Jeep Van Wormer, 78.284, July 3, 2009, UMP
2. Brian Shirley, 77.754, Sept. 16, 20012, UMP
3. Mark Burgtorf, 76.652, Sept. 30, 2012, UMP track regular
4. Kevin Weaver, 74.555, Aug. 5, 2012, UMP
5. Justin Reed, 74.295, Aug. 30, 2009, IMCA track regular
6. Lonnie Bailey, 74,127, 2009, IMCA track regular
7. Mark Burgtorf, 73.755, 2012, UMP track regular
8. Mark Burgtorf, 73.560, 2010, IMCA track regular
9. Lonnie Bailey, 73.063, 2010, IMCA track regular
10. Dustin Neese, 72.857, 2010, IMCA track regular

11. Jason Frankel, 72.717, 2008, IMCA track regular
12. Mark Burgtorf, 72.656, 2009, IMCA track regular
13. Keith Pratt, 72.651, 2011, IMCA track regular
14. Dewayne Kiefer, 72.440, 2012, UMP
15. Nick Ingalls, 72.107, 2010, IMCA track regular

Season leaders are fast times from regular weekly features
2012: Brian Shirley, 77.754, UMP
2011: Lonnie Bailey, 73.063, IMCA
2010: Mark Burgtorf, 73.560, IMCA
2009: Justin Reed, 74.295, IMCA
2008: Jason Frankel, 72.717, IMCA

Since 2008
Mark Burgtorf, 20
Lonnie Bailey, 8
Denny Woodworth, 8
Justin Reed, 9
Jason Perry, 7
Jason Frankel, 5
Keith Pratt, 5
Dustin Griffin, 4
Matt Bailey, 3
Robby Warner, 3
Joey Gower, 3

2012: Mark Burgtorf 5
2011: Jason Perry, 4
2010: Denny Woodworth, 4
2009: Mark Burgtorf, 7
2008: Mark Burgtorf, 6


The track introduced qualifying for both late models and modifieds the last month of of the 2012 season. None of the times approached the record qualifying time turned in by Will Vaught in 2009, but as 2013 progresses I would suspect we’ll see that 80 mph mark topped again.

2012 Qualifiers

Sept. 20: Dustin Griffin, 75.232 mph
Sept. 23: Brian Shirley, 74.876 mph
Sept. 16: Brian Shirley, 76.054 mph
Sept. 9: Michael Long, 74.216 mph

Record qualifying lap: Will Vaught, 82.406 mph (12.666 seconds), 2009 UMP Summer Nationals.

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