Better count ‘Taco’ as a stock car contender

March 21, 2013 4 Comments

QR-Logo-4-imagesAt first, Michael Larsen was not sure he liked the nickname “Taco.” He preferred “Magic Mike.”

Michael Larsen

Michael Larsen

But now?

“I’ve decided to embrace it,” the good-natured Larsen said.

So much so that Magic Mike, err …. Taco, has adorned the side of his No. 48 stock car with a characterization of Speedy Gonzalez woofing down a taco.

Larsen works at General Mills in Hannibal, Mo., making taco shells — hence, the nickname.

“I wanted an attention-getter, and this is an attention-getter,” Larsen said.

Larsen might be an attention-getter in more ways than one this year. A year ago while most onlookers were watching Terry Houston and Abe Huls dominate much of the stock car season, few noticed the solid year Larsen was having, a season that got better and stronger as it developed.

Conceivably, if Larsen had not missed one points feature he could have finished as high as second in the points. Regardless, Magic Mike, err… Taco, deserves to be listed as a title contender for 2013.

And if the coming season plays out with that No. 48 car running up front on a regular basis, Larsen won’t mind what you call him.


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  1. Taco says:

    Mr. Dirt… just ain’t right…just figured i would tell ya that. Between guys like Joe ( Boom ) Blivens, Jared Schlipman, Skipp Dunker, Tony Dunker, Jim Powell, Nathan Anders, Bobby Anders and many others, i for the life of me can’t remember who started with the nickname thing but yes it’s kinda stuck.

    Hope to see everyone at the track on opening day!!

    PS…..A very big thank you to all the fans that helped me out this year and came out to support all of your local dirt track racers…We do very much appreciate it!!!!!!!

  2. TERRY HOUSTON says:

    good luck amigo, i believe you have all the ingredients on and off the track
    to win more races in 2013

  3. SKIPP says:


  4. Taco says:

    Thanks a lot Terry…..and Skipp I try buddy….I try.

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