Frankel makes big leap in Dirty Thirty

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30indexWeek by week, The Dirty Thirty will always shake itself out. Three weeks into the 2013 season, we’re beginning to see some trends developing — and, of course, plenty of stuff we have absolutely no explanation for. In other words, it’s a typical season at 8000 Broadway:

1. Michael Long: Since 2008, Michael has led 806 modified feature laps. The No. 2 driver on that list is Steven DeLonjay with 505.
2. Jason Perry: The steadiest late model driver of the first three weeks of the season.
3. Steven DeLonjay: Steven has been on the track for 57 feature laps this month, and has been in front for 35 of them.
4. Robbie Reed: Maybe that new number holds some luck after all.
5. Dave Wietholder: Dave is one of three drivers (Long, Delonjay are the others) to qualify for all three Fast 6 dashes.
6. Tony Dunker: OMG did not lead a feature lap Sunday night, the first time that happened since Aug. 5, 2012, when he also finished second to Bobby Anders.
7. Bobby Anders: Bad Attitude now has 55 career wins at the Bullring, which ranks 15th overall in the modern era (since 1999).
8. Shawn Deering: Shawn’s feature finishes so far — 5th, 5th and 3rd. Is that winless streak about to end? The driver of No. 16 has run 123 features in his career at 8000 Broadway without taking home that first checkered flag.
9. Mark Burgtorf: Mark couldn’t make his car stick in the middle or up top when he was trying to run down Ricky Frankel on Sunday night.
10. Abe Huls: Honest Abe the points lead in the stock car class. Will he ever surrender it?

Craig Bangert

Craig Bangert

11. Ricky Frankel: Ricky and his Ohio State car make the biggest jump of the week, climbing all the way from No. 28.
12. Justin Reed: Justin’s fifth-place finish in the main event thrust him into the middle of the early season points race.
13. Clint Kirkham: I think the blue car has been good luck.
14. Denny Woodworth: D.W. gets the Good Samaritan award for the week, for helping out Ricky Frankel with those shocks.
15. Chris Spalding: The early frontrunner for the most improved driver in the modified series.
16. Jerry Lierly: Time to hit rewind.
17-tie. Jake Griffin: Working his way back toward the top 10.
17-tie. Joe Bliven: Back-to-back third-place feature finishes for America’s favorite mechanic.
19. Jake Powers: What learning curve?
20-tie. Robby Warner: Robby improved his starting-to-finish position Sunday night more than any other local driver. His sixth-place finish was eight better than where he started.
20-tie. Terry Houston: That late-race feature snafu proved costly.

22. Austen Becerra: Well, it took three weeks, but the No. 22 finally packed away that first checkered flag.
23. Craig Bangert: The most consistent of the sport compacts?
24. Pat Dunker: … the one that got away.
25. Russ Coultas: Back-to-back top 10s in the modified feature.
26. Kim Abbott: She’s one point behind Craig Bangert in the sport compact race.
27. Jared Schlipman: The late model rookie cracks the rankings after a runner-up finish in the heat and a top-10 feature showing.
28. Tanner Klingele: That first breakout performance should not be far off.
29. Jim Powell: Those driving lessons from Taco are helping.
30-tie. Charles Van Zandt: Two straight fifth-place feature finishes for CVZ.
30-tie. Beau Taylor: Beau’s season debut was impressive. Hopefully, he will be a regular.
30-tie. Bryce Baker: If the Bullet can keep that No. 27 running for an entire feature, who knows what the possibilities might be.

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