The Dirty Thirty: Is Dunker heir apparent?

May 21, 2013 7 Comments

Dirty-30-2013Steven DeLonjay maintains his hold on the No. 1 spot in this week’s Dirty Thirty, but who will succeed him a week from now? Steve-O will not be on hand Sunday night, which will likely mean he’ll forfeit the No. 1 position. So who will step up to the throne? No. 2 Tony Dunker has a streak of 18 straight races, dating to mid-2012, of finishing first or second in the sport mod features. If he makes it 19 in a row, No. 1 is likely his property.

1. Steven DeLonjay: No. 35 is the leading money winner in points races at the track for all classes. That’s quite an accomplishment, even though it’s only late May. Remember, the modifieds run for half the purse of the late models. DeLonjay has cashed $2,115 worth of checks. For the record, the overall money leaders (counting all races) are Chad Simpson ($3,000), Brandon Sheppard ($2,420) and Jason Perry ($2,150).

Dave Wietholder

Dave Wietholder

2. Tony Dunker: A bounty on The Villain could liven up Sunday night’s sport mod feature.
3. Dave Wietholder: Dave is my pick to be the new modified points leader after Sunday night. (How many times do you think Mr. DeLonjay will be checking the weather Sunday on his smartphone while on vacation?)
4. Denny Woodworth: The late model lawyer’s strong run Sunday night — he finished third — was overshadowed by that Justin Reed-Mark Burgtorf battle for first and second.
5. Michael Long: Michael, DeLonjay and Wietholder have qualified for all five Fast 6 mod dashes.
6. Robbie Reed: The man with the million dollar smile has finished fourth or higher in all but one mod feature.
7. Jason Perry: Justin Reed paid Jason a nice compliment last Sunday. He said Perry showed the rest of the late model field in 2012 how to win a championship by not necessarily having to win a lot of features. “Just avoid those DNFs,” Justincredible said.
8. Mark Burgtorf: Now that we are seeing the real Mark Burgtorf again on Sundays, I’d say we can officially add him to the contenders’ list.
9. Justin Reed: Justin’s new approach to facial hair is sort of a combination of Elvis meets Fu Manchu.
10. Robby Warner: I’ve been watching Robby race for most of the 15 years I have been in Quincy, and I think this current stretch might be the strongest and steadiest he has ever looked.

Ricky Frankel

Ricky Frankel

11. Shawn Deering: We’re almost two months into the season, and Shawn has avoided The Big One — although last week was close when his right rear tire got run over.
12. Jake Griffin: Five straight top-10 feature finishes.
13. Clint Kirkham: He’s been in the top 10 four times, with a fifth place on opening night the best finish to date.
14. Terry Houston: Terry, your buddy Dave has been extremely quiet this spring. Did you fire him?
15. Pat Dunker: We hear Pat is doing evening seminars for the Hair Care Club for Men.
16. Bobby Anders: Bobby, I think I inadvertently omitted you last week. Sorry about that. It was Bliven’s fault.
17. Jared Schlipman: Jared, as a junior member of the Mendon Mafia, do you get stuck with all of the dirty work?
18. Joe Bliven: That flat tire Sunday night caused America’s favorite mechanic to endure his lowest (ninth place) feature finish of the season.
19. Ricky Frankel: I’m guessing the Frankel team will have a busy weekend. Better take Charlie along for moral support.
20. Craig Bangert: Craig will be our “best bet for a comeback” later this week.

Bobby Anders

Bobby Anders

21. Russ Coultas: He builds his streak of top 10s to four.
22. Abe Huls: Abe’s had kind of an up-and-down first five weeks, but he’s still only three points out of first place.
23. Jake Powers: Snake, this is only a guess, but I’m betting one of your favorite TV shows is “Duck Dynasty.”
24. Tanner Klingele: Tanner, where has your mom been? I miss watching her cover her eyes every time you come out of turn four.
25. Austen Becerra: Austen, is it just me or are you driving a different each week?
26. Laine Van Zandt: Note the “i” in the first name.
27. Steve Carlin: It’s nice to have the Cap’n back running full-time at 8000 Broadway.
28. Beau Taylor: Watch out, Terry and Abe. This guy is going to win at least one feature this season.
29. Jerry Jansen: Jerry’s one of four stock car drivers to have run every feature lap this season.
30. Kim Abbott: Shall we officially nickname our favorite female driver “Kardashian?”

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  1. Charlie Bryson says:

    I’m pretty sure that Rickey can handle about anything that is put up to him. I will be in Springfield Missouri this weekend at a National Car Show. You can bet I will be calling them all weekend.

  2. Silverbullet says:

    Austen Becerra said in the pits “I’m sure glad I didn’t hit anything because I forgot to unhook the airbag.” LOL

  3. Dave Moore says:

    Stevie ole buddy, I’m on probation from many sides. I have to watch what I say. Hell the drone might be an undercover agent or something else, who knows.

  4. Jake The Snake says:

    LOL right you are MR. DIRT

  5. dirtfarmer says:

    Kimmie has way more class than those trashy Kardashian babes. More brains than all of them put together, too.

  6. DRONE says:




  7. GMF says:

    Hey dirt did you realize I can spot you from a mile away! No shame in the hollering at you game 🙂 Ready for Sunday, bringing my mini me… Lets see if she is a blessing or a curse for the racing world 😀

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