A great week awaits at Bullring

June 25, 2013 1 Comment

Quincy1We’re just a few days away from the start of what should be a memorable week of racing at the Bullring. Starting with Sunday night’s midseason championships, followed by the Tuesday, July 2 arrival of the UMP Summer Nationals Hell Tour (and support events) and then capped with a regular night of racing Sunday, July 7.

That’s three big nights over the span of just one week. THREE!

I’m going to throw this out there for some of the oldtimers who have been around the track longer than I have. Has there ever been a one-night showcase with a more impressive overall lineup than what awaits July 2? We have the Hell Tour, the Modified Nationals and the upstart “King of the Bullring” sport mod event that has captured just about everyone’s imagination.

That’s three big events in just one night. THREE!

I have looked back over the 15 years of my own personal archives and I can’t find anything that compares with that July 2 schedule. If I missed something, please leave us a post on a major event I overlooked. Or was there something back in the early 1990s or even the 1980s that might have been on par with what we will see next week?

My gut feeling — and it’s a big gut, I know — is the largest field next Tuesday will be supplied by the sport mods. I think we might be see 35 to 40 of those, which would likely represent a few more than the number of late models. I’m guessing about 30 late models, judging by what we are seeing at other tracks on the Hell Tour. And probably about 25 or so modifieds.

With a little luck, however, we could see 100 combined cars in the pits in just those three divisions.

And that’s not bad for just three classes. THREE!



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