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winner-themeHere’s what to watch for for Sunday at our favorite home away from home:

Late models

Pick to click: Mark Burgtorf wins his second straight, becoming the first late model driver to go back-to-back at the Bullring since July 2012.
Best bet for a comeback: Jared Schlipman, who was 12th in last Sunday’s main event. A productive Sunday could see him crack the top five in track points.
That’s a fact, Jack: The last three late model feature winners have come from the fourth, sixth and eighth starting positions. In the 24 features before that, the winner came from the front row.


Pick to click: Steven DeLonjay. Right now, it’s Steve-O’s world and the rest of us are just driving though.
Best bet for a comeback: Russ Coultas, who finished an uncharacteristic 12th in last week’s main event.
That’s a fact, Jack: Steven DeLonjay and Michael Long are now tied with 62 overall victories since the modifieds went under the UMP banner in 2009.

Sport mods

Pick to click: Umm … umm … umm … Tony Dunker!
Best bet for a comeback: Finishing third in the feature was not exactly a bad week, but Jeff DeLonjay appeared to have the best car on the track last Sunday until front end problems developed late in the race. If he gets out front again, he may collect feature victory No. 2.
That’s a fact, Jack: Tuesday night’s King of the Bullring feature lasted 33 minutes, 52.62 seconds — the longest main event of the season to date in any class.

Stock cars

Pick to click: Abe Huls, who coupled with his recent prowess in the sport mods, has emerged as one of the top overall threats at 8000 Broadway.
Best bet for a comeback: Beau Taylor, who has not been in the top four since May 12.
That’s a fact, Jack: Five of the series’ six feature winners have started seventh or deeper.

Sport compacts

Pick to click: Austen Becerra, who is putting the pressure on points leader Kim abbott.
Best bet for a comeback: Craig Bangert, whose season has resembled a yo-yo. Up, down, up, down.
That’s a fact, Jack: Kim Abbott last week became the first series driver to pass 2,500 career track points. Seith Woodruff is the only other driver in the 3-year-old class to have even reached 2,000, but he is no longer active in the sport compacts.

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