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July 18, 2013 1 Comment

winner-themeWhat will Sunday night hold at the Bullring? Hopefully, no rain. In regard to the racing, here’s a quick look ahead at the five weekly series:

Late models
Pick to click: Michael Long, who someday might be able to do what once would have been unthinkable — win a late model and modified track title in the same season.
Best bet for a comeback: Jared Schlipman has had three straight aggravating Sunday nights. He’s more than due — and capable — to bounce back.
That’s a fact, Jack: Mark Burgtorf’s feature victory last Sunday night gave him the lead in feature (6) and overall (19) victories since the Bullring became a UMP late model track. Dustin Griffin is second in both counts (5, 18).

Pick to click: Michael Long gets the daily double. (Hey, Steven DeLonjay can’t win every week … can he?)
Best bet for a comeback: Not that a fourth-place finish is anything to sneeze at, but I sense Jake Griffin is about due to make a run for a checkered flag.
That’s a fact, Jack: Only three of 10 modified features have been won from the pole — all by Steven DeLonjay.

Sport mods
Pick to click: Remember, it’s Tony Dunker’s world. The rest of us are just counting laps.
Best bet for a comeback: Joe Hooper was once a dominant force before retiring. Now that he’s back, how long until he reached victory lane? My prediction is not too long.
That’s a fact, Jack: Last Sunday’s feature took 5 minutes, 31 seconds. Two weeks earlier, it took 33 minutes, 52 seconds.

Stock cars
Pick to click: Make it two in a row for Brandon Savage.
Best bet for a comeback: Kevin Tomlinson dropped to eighth after winning the feature the week before. Look for a much higher finish Sunday night.
That’s a fact, Jack: Jerry Jansen is the only driver in the series to run all feature laps this season.

Sport compacts
Pick to click: Pat Dunker. As long as that No. 3 is running, it’s the ride to beat.
Best bet for a comeback: Austen Becerra, who started strong last Sunday, but had to wind up settling for a fourth-place finish.
That’s a fact, Jack: Lightning Van Zant has not finished lower than second in a heat race for five straight shows.

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    That’s a fact jack if you don’t change recording jack people are not going to show up from out of town for race

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