The stocks have arrived — finally

November 3, 2013 16 Comments

show-me-the-moneyFinally, the stock car class at the Bullring may have officially arrived.

But first, let’s remember that inaugural 2008 season when the weekly car count averaged 14 and great things were immediately forecast. But a not a not-so-funny string of events then ensued, most notably drivers like Jeff Mueller, Chris Wibbell, Doug Huls, Chris Webb and several others not returning for one reason or another. The attrition continued in the coming years, which was fueled at least somewhat by complaints about track conditions and other problems that began to plague the facility.

Rock bottom was hit in 2012 when only about a half-dozen cars could be counted on for the weekly show. The death of the stocks appeared imminent.

Chris Wibbell was one of the early stars of the stock car class at the Bullring.

Chris Wibbell was one of the early stars of the stock car class at the Bullring.

And then along came 2013 and Brandon Savage and Beau Taylor showed up for at least semi-regular duty and added some tremendous excitement — especially Savage. Other drivers entered the class from the hobby stock division, which was discontinued after 2012. Names like Jake Powers, Jeremy Buss and Nathan Hayes worked their way in the lineup.

By the end of the 2013 season, the stock cars appeared off life support and eyeing a competitive future — finally. Fifteen times last season 10 or more stock cars were on hand, and on seven occasions there were 12 or more stocks in the pits.

For the first time in about four years, there is no talk of discontinuing the stock cars — only conversation about how big the class might eventually become.


Money-wise, the man with the plan has been Honest Abe Huls, who won his second straight and third overall money-earned championship. Huls is also the career dollar leader

Points races only
2013: Abe Huls, $3,485
2012: Abe Huls, $4,220
2011: Aaron Brocksieck, $2,710
2010: Terry Houston, $2,745
2009: Terry Houston, $3,115
2008: Jeff Mueller, $4,790

All races
2013: Abe Huls, $3,485
2012: Abe Huls, $4,520
2011: Aaron Brocksieck, $3,885
2010: Terry Houston, $4,020
2009: Abe Huls, $3,925

CAREER LEADERS (since 2008)
Points races only
1. Abe Huls, $18,400
2. Terry Houston, $14,205
3. Jerry Jansen, $9,900
4. Aaron Brocksieck, $7,885
5. Andrew Griffin, $7,720
6. Kevin Tomlinson, $7,250
7. Steve Steinkuhler, $7,145
8. Jeff Mueller, $6,220
9. Chris Wibbell, $5,770
10. Michael Larsen, $4,635

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  1. half bubble off says:

    Rumors are #97 car will run Jacksonville as its primary track in “14”.

  2. Kenny Pratt says:

    Knock it off with rumors. I’m sure Terry will let us know in due time.

    KP Sr.

  3. TERRY HOUSTON says:


  4. Kenny D says:

    Make that car so it can go East or West at the 107/104 junction Terry. Then you have an option every weekend… or even multiple times per weekend when the feeling strikes.

  5. Fordracer06 says:

    Terry you can’t leave me carrying the sole Ford banner in the stockcars. Bring that blue oval back next year.

  6. GMF says:

    I’m putting my $5 on Jake the snake this next year…. that’s one snake that’s steady to strike!!!!

  7. bullringfan says:

    Build 2 cars!! Keep the fords at QR!!:)

  8. TERRY HOUSTON says:

    Kenny d if I switch carb, tires, and gear it looks pretty good.the issue is, I have is no set of rules to go on. If I look at ump web sight rules theres thing that are not followed or enforced. not to be complaining and you and I have had this discussion, ump leave a lot under the table. the name of the class is a great example, street stock or stock car or bomber or pure stock.

  9. Kenny D says:

    Terry –

    I prefer to call them Stock Cars, and totally agree that the UMP Street Stock class is not consistent at all from track to track. We have pretty well brought our field into substantial compliance with the UMP rules when it comes to performance enhancing issues, and Jacksonville is probably as close to the letter of the UMP rules as you will find most anywhere. But at the same time, some rules regarding car appearance, cages, set-backs etc simply can’t be met to the letter of the rule without every local car here having to be deemed technically deficient and guys having to spend a lot of money to comply with something that really isn’t a performance advantage. We can work with you to make sure that you have a car that fits within our interpretation of the UMP rules and also fully complies with the IMCA rules and enforcement we at Quincy.

  10. TERRY HOUSTON says:

    thanks Kenny when we make a decision it will be one track and not both

  11. Randy Rigg says:


    We need to see if Ken G will allow right side curb feelers for Jville.


  12. Dave Moore says:

    Randy, If he uses those curb feelers we will have to sand more on the car. That’s a lot of extra work for you and I. Dave

  13. istockfan says:

    That would make sense that terrys going to go to jacksonville, hes a 5th place car at best at quincy and a 12th place car in iowa. Why wouldnt he go race against no compeition.

  14. bullringfan says:

    How does a driver win championships by being a 5th place car? Do tell,istockfan,we are all waiting for you to drop some of your vast knowledge on us!! As far at the 97 goes,I hope to see him at QR next year racing for ANOTHER championship title!! 🙂

  15. Randy Rigg says:

    Bullring Fan Thanks!

    Their is a little truth to istocks statement the 97 needs some updates to be competitive. I offered to help Terry build anther car with the updates that accommodate the IMCA rule changes and Terry needs to do a few things on the motor if he runs IMCA. If he runs UMP buy some new E Mod tiers and he is ready. What ever Terry wants to do Dave and I will do our best to support him. Yes Iowa has a good crop of Stock Cars. One thing for sure Terry can take a fifth place car and make it a first or second place car.

    Thanks Randy

  16. Dave Moore says:

    Randy, I couldn’t say it better. Dave

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