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January 27, 2014 2 Comments

2014QRLogoAnd now, another installment of “Ask Kenny D,” when you, the fans, can intgeract with Ken Dobson, new track manager at Quincy Raceways.

Question: Kenny D, can you give us a hint of what the concession stand menu will hold in 2014?

frankil_fullxfull.325092229.jpg ref=l2Kenny D: Deb Casson who is coordinating our concessions has been talking to vendors and planning a menu.  She’s the food pro and I’m not going to meddle much in her decisions on what we serve except to request that she try to keep some of the fan favorites on the menu.  She has an excellent menu at Jacksonville and I’m confident she will do the same at Quincy.  The last thing we need is a guy who knows nothing about food except how to eat it telling her how to do her job.

(Steve Dirt comment: Personally, I hope we see the return of the Bullring Brat.)

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  1. Dave Moore says:

    Ole Stevie always worrying about food. I’ve heard that all they have to eat in Ohio is buckeyes.

  2. Tim says:

    ^^^^ Winner!

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