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January 29, 2014 2 Comments

2014QRLogoAnd here’s another reader’s question for the new track manager, Ken Dobson:

Question: Are you going to have a Monster Truck show this season? I’ve haerd all sorts of rumors.

Kenny D: Yes. We were recently informed by the people at Feld Entertainment that Monster Jam wanted to take a year off from Quincy. We know that a Monster Truck weekend has been a part of Quincy Raceways for a long time and that a lot of people and kids in the area count on it.  Over the past few weeks we’ve been working hard on putting together our own Monster Truck event for the first weekend in June that has all the potential to be even bigger and better … and for sure, a little different than anything you’ve seen here in a number of years.

monster-truck-icon-bigfoot-8778_1Like most things, there’s a lot of leg work going on behind the scenes to secure top-tier trucks and entertainment. We’ve also hired one of the best independent Monster Truck producers in the country to make sure the show is top-shelf and everything fans have come to expect. Initial reaction from some major sponsors has been very favorable. 

We aren’t going to put on a rag-tag Monster Truck show just to say we had one. If we are going to do it, we are going to blow it up into an event that is first rate and that will have people talking for the rest of the summer. Over the past few weeks many of the pieces have fallen into place to make that happen. I expect within the next few weeks the final pieces of the puzzle will come together to make it one heck of a show.

It’s a lot easier to hand the keys over to someone like Monster Jam and say “put on your show.” Doing it ourselves has been much more work so far than I imagined and it’s going to consume our attention for much of the early part of the summer. The expense to do it right is pretty astonishing and we are for sure looking or sponsors and area businesses that want to have a presence and involvement with making it happen.

Having to suddenly learn the Monster Truck business isn’t something you really want falling into your lap as you are preparing for your first season running the race track, but it did and we are going to make the most of it. Hang tight — it’s going to be pretty darn cool. Promise!

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  1. Fordracer06 says:

    Kenny, the company I work for had donated dirt equipment in the past to Feld motorsports to help with the monster truck show for some advertising. I’m sure we could do the same thing for your show. Let me know if your interested.


  2. Kenny D says:

    Jerry, we’ll be in touch as things sort themselves out over the next few weeks. Thanks for the offer.

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