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Olympic MedalsGold medal: Zero

“My guess on the break through for late models sure isn’t Justin Reed. You keep on saying he is track champion, which he is back when it was a old ball game of Imca beat banging due to low horsepower engines striving for air. Imca isn’t nothing compared to Ump racing as we all know. So he still has a learn curve I say with the big motors and this kind racing. Not saying he won’t win a race here or there. The key with him is seat, which will bring him more competitive week after week and more dependable power plant under hood which hurt him this past year. I’m not knocking Justin in way its just my ipinion and way I see it. I except Rickey also won’t be in chase for championship either. He will win a few I except, but that be it for him and his time will come to shine. If I was a betting man I say the point race will be between Mark 7B, Jason Perry 27, or DW 45. If I had to pick one those drivers out the three my gut feeling is saying Jason Perry #27, but unsure of that. Mark 7B gets a good feel and figures out this Victory Circle car out to his liken and a more dependable power plant under hood and his driving capabilities than I say watch out. He will be very hard to touch and no one will have a chance for the title except him. Those three drivers are good point racers and going to be the ones to watch week after week.

A Modified it be a interesting see if Long can keep it under control and don’t let Steven get the best of him. Long could very well knock Steven off the top if he plays it smart every week and focus on it, but it will be a dog fight every week I except between those two. Steven and his crew seem to have it figured out and is very focus on what they are doing no matter what. 35 and 18L will put on a great show every week and I look forward to watching it unfold.

Sports mods I say Dunker will win the title again. If it is true that Vance Wilson is racing sports mods this year than Dunker could possible have a problem keeping that title this year. It could be some pretty good racing against these two.

These just my thoughts and picks and 2 cents.”

Silver medal: DRONE




Bronze medal: Fordracer06

“Dave, I agree with Stevie; you must be off your meds. A couple weeks ago you were talking about that other brand and now your praising Obama. I think you need a good sniff of racing fuel to get your head straight. If Terry doesn’t have any, I still have some left over.”

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