Abe, Terry and the new Scurryin’ Missourian

February 20, 2014 6 Comments

21+3 logoAre there two drivers in any other class as close as stock car aces Abe Huls and Terry Houston when it comes to how they have see-sawed back and forth in terms of dominating a series? Each has won two championships and each has finished second twice over the past five years.

The summer of 2014 should be no different. This is one class I’m keeping my top three choices the same as they were in November:

Champion: Abe Huls. I think Abe deserves a slight nod heading into the upcoming season. The way he controlled the points race a year ago was impressive. But if the wheelman from Carthage stumbles …

Abe Huls

Abe Huls

Runner-up: Terry Houston.  … No. 97 will be right there to take control.

Third place: Brandon Savage. If the new Scurryin’ Missourian is on hand every week, he is probably the only other driver in the series who could wrestle the title away from Honest Abe or the Mayor of Mount Sterling.

I’m convinced we’ll see a much closeer points chase in the stock car division, the kind we became accustomed to the first four years of the series. Savage, if no one else, should be able to filter away some of the points from Huls and Houston to keep those two from running away and hiding.


2013: Abe Huls, 24 points over Terry Houston
2012: Terry Houston, 21 points over Abe Huls
2011: Aaron Brocksieck, 1 point over Terry Houston
2010: Terry Houston, 12 points over Abe Huls
2009: Abe Huls, 4 points over Kevin Tomlinson
2008: Jeff Mueller, 0* points over Chris Wibbell (Mueller won tiebreaker on features won)

Here’s some food for thought: If Huls can win the championship he will be the new No. 1-ranked stock car driver. Assuming Houston would finish second, the two would be tied in ranking points and Huls would win the tiebreaker on the strength of championships won.


Drivers receive ranking points on a 15-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale for their position in the final top 10 points standing each season. Ties are broken by number of championships, second-place points finishes, top five points finishes, top 10 points finishes, etc.

1. Terry Houston, 58 points (2 titles)
2. Abe Huls, 53 (2)
3. Jerry Jansen, 33
4. Aaron Brocksieck, 28 (1)
5. Andrew Griffin, 24
6. Kevin Tomlinson, 18
7. Steve Steinkuhler, 17
8. Jeff Mueller, 15 (1)
9. Chris Wibbell, 14
10. Michael Larsen, 12

Active drivers, minimum 6 points
Gabe Harrison, 11
Jake Powers, 8
Brandon Savage, 6
Jim Powell, 6

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  1. Dave Moore says:

    Very nice article but you better check with Terry as to how much he is going to race in Quincy. His father in law who is a big part of his race night pit crew recently had a stroke and the out come is still in question. I haven’t done any thing in the pits the past year but I will continue to be his gofer boy during the weekly preparations Randy was in a bad accident a couple of years ago and he isn’t 100% yet. That leaves Terry’s dad as the only Sunday Night pit crewman that’s 100%. Its had to find people who have the dedication it takes to make a really competitive team. Terry is very capable of carrying the whole racing team with his excellent driving and dedication but there are other things in life besides racing. He has a daughter who is getting into horse showing and that will take up some of his time. I’ve probably have said to much.

  2. b says:

    It will be an interesting year for sure. GO Team RAGE!!!

  3. Fordracer06 says:

    I hate to hear that Terry may not be able to run full time Dave, but understand about the family coming first thing. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that this is a hobby and not a career.

  4. lmfan says:

    As for the order of the features, I would prefer this order EVERY week:

    Late Models
    Stock Cars
    4 Bangers
    B-Mods (most wrecks)

    NOTE: The top 2 could be switched.

  5. Todd says:

    If that happens no one will be in the stands to watch the sport mods

  6. bullringfan says:

    I would be more likely to stay and watch sport mods race if they ran last then the 4 bangers. The only time I watch the 4 bangers is if the races get over early or I’m off of work for the night. Doesn’t take much for me to find as excuse to leave when the 4 bangers run last.

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