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2014QRLogoAnother patron of this blog has asked me to forward the following question to new track manager Ken Dobson, who prefers the handle “Kenny D.” We are happy oblige:

Question: In reading Stevie Dirt’s all-time “Dirty Thirty” I started thinking about who some of the members of the next Quincy Raceways Hall of Fame class might be. Kenny, what plans do you have for the hall of fame?

HALL-OF-FAME-whiteKenny D: I think you will find that we are very supportive of the concept of a Hall of Fame.  We have worked hard over the past few years to get one going in Jacksonville and we will have our first Hall of Fame class induction at a dinner in late March, which should be a really neat event.  But while we had a Hall of Fame process in the works for the past few years, we waited until we had thought through the whole process, including the method of selection of members before we went down that path.

The people in Quincy who have worked hard to start and maintain the Hall of Fame should be commended. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and be critical. But at the same time the Hall of Fame should be something that brings the racing community in Quincy together — not create hard feelings. The Hall of Fame belongs to the entire Quincy Raceways family and as an outsider who is there leasing the track, I don’t think it’s our place … at least not yet … to tell the Quincy fans how to run their Hall of Fame. Hopefully the Hall of Fame will be there long after we are gone.

Our goal is to do what we can to support it and guide it, not be the ones directing it or in charge.  Personally, I’d like to see a more formal selection process than what’s been done in the past so that it’s more transparent and accepted by the whole QR community. But again, I think those who have been in charge of it have done a remarkable job under less than ideal circumstances.

The other thing the Hall of Fame needs in my opinion is a home at the race track. Just last week while we were at the track we identified an area that I think could serve as a home to the Hall of Fame that could include seating and air conditioning in an enclose area. We need to get permission from owners Paul (Holtschlag) and Bob (Rhinberger) before we start down that path in making some infrastructure changes to make it work and we have to make sure the Hall of Fame committee is on board. We’d also like to find a sponsor to adopt the Hall of Fame room so that there are some funds available to make it a really neat part of the facility.

I think all of that could happen pretty early in the 2014 season if everyone got behind the concept. After we talk to a few more people and get some approvals, I’ll lay out our rough plan for it. I’m not sure anything would be cooler than a young kid walking into a Hall of Fame room and puffing out his chest in pride as he looks at grandpa’s picture on the wall.

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