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February 27, 2014 2 Comments

2014QRLogoThe latest question from our readers for new track manager Ken Dobson, who is rarely at a loss for words:

Question: I’ve heard you are planning a lot of video at the race track this year. What are your plans?

Kenny D: We firmly believe that video and digital media are a very critical part of promoting a race track in today’s age. Technology today allows us to take what happens at the race track and share it with the world in so many different ways. Why wouldn’t we find every opportunity to take advantage of that?

videoWe have some experience with how video can be used as a great promotional tool through our experience in starting the MOWA Sprint Car Series presented by Casey’s General Stores several years ago. Some would say that we were kind of on the cutting edge of using short highlight clips and promotional videos to build a following for a new series. Heck, we even put our own television show on a Springfield station back then. But the key to that is that we had formed a relationship with a young man interested in doing projects like that named Ross Wece. Ross now works for the World of Outlaws doing what he enjoys.

We hope we can head down a similar path in Quincy and fortunately we have another opportunity to work with a person interested in creating and learning ways to effectively use video to create interest in what we do.  We have worked out an arrangement to hire Randy Swope, a broadcasting major at QU full-time for the entire summer to coordinate our video and broadcasting projects.  Randy has the skills and creativity to tackle many different video related projects.

Just like anything else, there are equipment and logistical issues to work out, but we have every intention to make our races available live through internet streams, to provide on-demand viewing of an entire race night as early as Monday following a race, and to create very engaging recaps, highlights, previews and features that can be shared through social media to keep those who aren’t coming to the track informed of the stories, action and excitement happening at Quincy Raceways on Sunday nights. Finally, we are working hard to find a way to create a weekly racing television show to air on a Quincy station but there are a lot of issues to overcome to make that happen including cost, time slots, manpower and most importantly — advertiser/sponsor support.

It takes a sizable commitment to devote a full-time person solely to video projects and also acquire all of the equipment needed to make these things happen. But we think that it’s a commitment that will pay off in the long run.  It will be a learning curve and something that we will grow over time and work into as we get better — but the commitment has been made.  Now we just have to execute and find outside support for these types of projects.

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  1. ruefus says:

    So Kenny if you all get this all dieled in will the races be on TV like they were in the 90s or just on the net

  2. Kenny D says:

    Hopefully both. We are shooting for a 30 min show that’s part race recaps, part stories about people, part previews, perhaps with a little TNT kart action focusing on the kids too. We have to get the right time slot at the right cost… and then come up with a show format that is fairly simple to produce (not too time consuming so we can turn it around in a week) but that doesn’t look cheesy or like my 8 year old made it.

    All of that is easier said than done, but we should get it accomplished if everything falls into place and we find some advertisers to support it. After it airs on TV it would be available to view on the web.

    We are also looking at making full length race available in their entirety online within a day or two of the race (before the TV show airs). I would like to make access to those based on some kind of pretty cheap subscription to help offset the cost of the bandwidth and Randy’s time. I’ve kicked around having the subscription also include access to live events at Jacksonville and Lincoln.. and then do the reverse for those tracks, giving them free access to races in Quincy. Just not sure how that will go over.

    Individual races should be available live most nights by pay per view or a subscription as well. Finally, we hope to have short race recaps on social media very quickly after the race. Hopefully by the next morning. We will do most of that stuff one step at a time, but hopefully by mid May the whole thing is rolling. Hopefully.

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