Miss a week, win a title? It’s possible

February 16, 2014 9 Comments

2014QRLogoIt’s difficult to win a track championship without perfect attendance during points racing, but not impossible. Since 1992, four Quincy Raceways drivers have won track titles even though they missed a week.

The last driver to turn this trick was Michael Long in 2008, the year he won his second modified title. Steve Carlin in the 2003 hobby stocks was the only driver since the early 1990s to do so.

Michael Long won the 2008 modified track title, despite missing one points feature.

Michael Long won the 2008 modified track title, despite missing one points feature.

There have been 10 other instances when a driver finished second with one (or more) missed weeks. Mark Burgtorf in the late models was the most recent to miss a points ffeature and still finish second, managing the feat last season.

Here’s a rundown on both oddities:

WON CHAMPIONSHIP (with one missed week)

Michael Long, modifieds, 2008
Steve Carlin, bombers, 2003
Sam Burgtorf, bombers, 1994
Mark Burgtorf, late models, 1993

FINISHED SECOND (with one or more missed weeks)

Mark Burgtorf, late models, 2013
Jared Schlipman, Modifieds, 2011
Michael Long, modifieds, 2010
Mark Burgtorf, late models, 2008
Mike Karhoff, “A” modifieds, 1997
Bill Genenbacher, bombers, 1997
Mike Karhoff, “A” modifieds, 1994
Ron Gough, “A” modifieds, 1993
Lonnie Carter, “B” modifieds, 1993
Ron Gough, modifieds (one class), 1992

(NOTE: Attendance figures not available on a regular basis until 1992.)

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  1. Charlie Bryson says:

    I believe Michael missed a week down at Granite City this year and still won the track championship there.

  2. Randy Rigg says:

    Steve Steve Steve you need to clean your Glasses!

  3. seighinger says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious Randy and Dave Moore are twin sons from different mothers.

  4. Dave Moore says:

    Well Stevie, You hit the nail on the head. Randy and I both lost brothers a few years ago. We fill in for the lost brothers for each other. Were just not as lucky as you are to have Joe and Fill Dirt as brothers. After you clean your glasses you need to take your meds and calm down.

  5. Randy Rigg says:


    I take that as a compliment. I cannot say the same being accused being part of your kin. Tread lightly my friend when you talk about some ones Mother I am serous about this statement.


  6. GMF says:

    When you got skills, it shows, most let their records speak for themsevles they dont have to do the talking 🙂

    Wonder what the fines and fees would be to tail gate in the mall parking lot here in a few weeks??

    Whose holding the bail money??

  7. Jim Liston says:

    Being a longtime local dirt-track fan, I love following this blog. Lately I’ve been wondering what this Randy Rigg guy has against Mark Burgtorf. Did Mark run over his dog in the pits one night or something?

  8. seighinger says:

    Don’t worry about Randy. He’s a good guy. I think he’s just upset because Mark has never let him drive his car.

  9. Randy Rigg says:

    Boys I dont have a ting aginst Mark yes he is one of the best drivers in the midwest and a good guy. Infact I defended Mark in a previous Blog when every one was accusing him of cheating and recived a gold for this. Now that I disagree with with you I am a SOB.Steve what i am sying is give some of the the other top 10 drivers some press.

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